CITIC Bank Beijing Branch three "points" to carry out "I do practical things for the masses"

As a state-owned financial enterprise, CITIC Bank Beijing Branch is actively practicing the party’s mass line under the strong leadership of the Group and the General Community Party Committee, based on the position of the capital financial service function, to do a good job in the masses, do practical things, and continuous transmission of the CITIC temperature.

Focus on state-owned enterprise responsibility attack "Focus" CITIC Bank Beijing Branch uses practical actions to highlight state-owned enterprise responsibilities, and do a good rear shield that helps physical economic development. First, credit supports national key entity economic fields. It is issued to the entity economically to the entity economy.

The second is to help the revitalization of rural areas, to make the business organization "dare to loan, will loans", and earnestly improve the financial services and levels of agricultural enterprises.

The third is the technology + Pu Hui online "Creation E-loan", "Huijia E Loan", "Logistics E Loan", "Tariff E Loan", meets short, frequent, fast and fast financing needs of small and micro enterprises.

Serving the customer to solve the "difficult point" CITIC Bank Beijing Branch strives to practice "there is a service, there is a characteristic, temperature, valuable" service commitment, the service does not fight, warm and not open.

Beijing Branch is based on the advantages of abroad financial business, and all resources cooperate with relevant departments to do preventive consular protection propaganda work, and provide multiple financial and non-financial services including professional information release, global emergency rescue, foreign exchange green channels during the epidemic. Branch radiation "three kilometers", combined with financial consumers, providing targeted financial mission services.

Branches will carry out the future star of high-level scientific literacy through the "Popular Lecture Hall" series of public welfare lectures.

Employment of pension and financial guidance "pain points" old people have always been a "hardest hit area" of unplanned financial fraud. CITIC Bank Beijing Branch always pays attention to the financial consumption safety of older guest groups, and all outlets are highly alert to abnormal business, successfully recognize and block more financial scams with the elderly.

In addition, the branch in-depth explores the long-term cooperation model of elderly universities, through the elderly financial reading, organizing anti-fraud scenario drama, carrying out financial knowledge lectures, etc., continuously strengthening financial business and age, providing targeted finance for the elderly Service, earnestly hold the older "money bag" for the elderly guest group.

The masses are urgent, difficult, what is expected, what is needed to be reviewed in the work, and it takes the first time to relieve. The Beijing Branch of CITIC Bank will continue to have more efforts to bring your own financial guardians. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.