China @ 四 川 | Sichuan Changning poisoning accident initially judged to be toxic and harmful gas

  Xinhua News Agency, March 26 (Reporter Gao Jian, Yuan Bo) According to the relevant departments of Sichuan Changning County, on the evening of May 25, Changning County, Fu Rong Bamboo Food Factory, caused seven deaths, the cause of death has been initially identified.Toxic and harmful gases lead to poisoning.After preliminary investigation, on May 4, the sewage treatment system of Fu Rong Bamboo Food Factory in Changning County was stopped from fault.

On the afternoon of May 24, the company re-opened the sewage treatment system during the operation of the company, causing poisonous and harmful gas in the sewage, causing 2 employees who were working in the operation, then 6 people (3 employees, 3 people around the factory)Successfully travel to rescue leads to poisoning.The accident caused 8 people to poison, 7 people died, 1 person smashed.At present, the patient’s condition is stable, and the victims are in an orderly manner.The accident survey team established in Yibin City, Sichuan Province has been a comprehensive investigation of the accident and will be dealt with according to the results of the survey.(over).