Australian current Prime Minister Morrison’s key support rate is lowered to the outbreak of the epidemic

People’s Network Sydney November 16th According to the Australian News Group, Morrison, Morrison, announced that he is currently in a disadvantage in the federal election of next year, and the support rate of the Liberal Party – National Party Alliance is constantly decline. According to the civil training data released on the 15th of the Australian News, although the people rose by 2 percentage points to 52% to Morrison’s satisfaction, the satisfaction of the performance as a leader fell to 44%, this It is also the lowest net support rate since the Oxurfur in March 2020.

The net support rate of Anthony Alpaya Alpayi Albaye, the Labor Party Leadership is also reduced, and the dissatisfaction rate is still maintained at 37%. Data show that the Liberal Party-The primary election support rate of the National Party Alliance has increased by 2 percentage points, reaching 37%, but still lags behind the Labor Party. 38%. At the same time, Baolin Hansen’s single-country support rate fell by 1 to 2 percentage points, and other small party support rates also dropped 1 percentage to 12%. The Green Party’s support rate remains at 11%. If calculated the support rate of the two parties, the Liberal Party-National Party Alliance is currently lagging behind the Labor Party with 47%.

However, when asked, "you want to become a prime minister", the support rate of Anthony Albanes has risen by 4 percentage points, and Morrison declined by 2 percentage points, and the gap is narrowed to the smallest since March last year. But Morrison is still in a leading position.

It is reported that the next federal election is expected to be held in May 2022.

Last week, Morrison has increased the election efforts in the edge selection, visiting Sydney and Melbourne selection, introducing its efforts in climate and its economic management capabilities.

The opposition party has also begun to conduct a selection event in Xinzhou and Victoria, meeting with local candidates and questioning the climate change plan proposed by the Morrison government. (Intern Liang Xue) (Editor: Li Rong Yue, Xuemei).