And Lu Menglin has a faint feeling,The cunning president Chen,After Min Kuang sniffed the scent of Ying Yangjun,It may not be impossible to guess that Wu Hao is also the same news from another world,And he chose to break the news,Then hide it at the critical moment,Maybe I want to use Wu Hao’s power,Destroy the Eagle and Yang Army for Tieqin,This is obviously the rhythm of sitting on the mountain and watching tigers fight!

Lu Menglin has never been a person who is easy to be beaten by others,Message from President Chen,Only useful,It’s that Ying Yangjun may have secretly controlled Tie Qin country,For such a hidden in the dark,An opponent who knows him well,Must prevent。
As for the core circle,Lu Menglin doesn’t want to touch it for now,Because there is so little information at present,The ghost knows what kind of evildoers hide in the inner circle,In case it gets messed up and can’t deal with it,Didn’t you find it hard for yourself??
but,This also made Lu Menglin more vigilant secretly,Don’t look at yourself holding Ye Korea firmly in your hands right now,Grabbing military and political power,But as long as the core circle suddenly jumps out to say something,The situation may be completely different again。
to be honest,The human race on this plane is highly hierarchical,The core circle is at the top,Control the lifeblood of the Seven Great Wars,Maybe their number may not be large,But the technological strength and war potential are huge,And the Seven Great Wars in turn control billions of people in the chaotic circle,Before alien monsters come,Often chaotic,Beacon,Among them, there may not be no core circle behind to fuel the flames。
Although the outer hunting circle also has a huge population base,Has become a place of exile,Lead a primitive and backward life。
Think about it,People in the core circle may not be good birds,otherwise,With their technological power,Why not stop the war between the Seven Great Powers,Why not use it to improve the environment,Let the humans in the outer hunting ring live better。
to be honest,Power and desire are still doing the blame!Lu Menglin wants to be here,Positioning the core circle,Basically don’t have any favors。
One thousand two hundred and ninety-three chapters style
Maybe it’s because those alien monsters haven’t moved for a long time,The war between human nations finally triggered!
Tieqin’s chariot troops,Dispatch raids at dawn,Brazenly rushed through the side mirror defense line of Ye Korea,And immediately encountered the most violent counterattack from the Korean army at night。
The floating warships of the two great nations have all moved,Began to enter a state of readiness,Ready to fight with enemy warships。
of course,That was the war going to the second half,A scene that will not happen until the final battle,Other human nations,The most reluctant picture。