Rajon let out a chuckle,The flaw of deliberate selling did not work,Lagong is not particularly anxious,From the state of two people,No matter from which point of view,I took advantage of myself,As long as you don’t make mistakes,I will be invincible。
“You really don’t deserve it,It belongs to the strong!”
Holding Tiger Soul,Lagon lowered his body as much as possible,Almost creeping。
Xiang Chen glanced at Zhu Guosheng subconsciously,Because the scene before him reminded Xiang Chen of the scenes not long ago。
The look in his eyes seems to be asking Zhu Guosheng,Did you teach Lagong Bagua Palm while you weren’t here?,The latter stared fiercely,To show innocence。
Xiang Chen shook his head slightly,Looking at the eagerness to win Lagon,I don’t know if I should tell him,Tiger Soul is a portable tableware on Paradise Island。
Chapter Four Hundred and Seventeen argue
Tiger Soul is indeed a well-known object in the dark world,In addition, his earliest owner was the Western White Tiger Rodzan,This makes the status of this dagger even more so.,Its spiritual status is almost equal to the dragon soul that was taken away.。
Wen has no first and Wu has no second,People who are not struggling with their lives don’t want to be the number one,So what is the mark of becoming the world’s number one?Tiger Soul is indeed a good form of expression。
But it’s not enough to have tokens,Deceive others,I can’t fool myself after all,So killing the original owner of Tiger Soul has become an obsession in Lagong’s heart.。
To this,Even if the law enforcement officers are already standing outside,Lagon doesn’t care at all。
It’s like reaching a certain height,Treat other things like ants,In Lagon’s view,As long as I want to go,No one can stop oneself,Including the soldiers who have been in the periphery。
To a position like Lagon,There are only two questions about whether you want to kill and whether you want to leave,There is no such thing as being retained。
Take a look at the scene downstairs through the corner,It’s probably because of the relationship between these people in the office.。
My eyes stay on Zhu Guosheng a little longer,In Lagon’s view,People present can pose a threat to themselves,There is only this middle-aged man who has been laughing and joking!
Revisit Xiang Chen,The lion fights the rabbit with all its strength,Internationally accepted,Especially in the dark world,Examples of ship capsized in the gutter are everywhere。
Seeing Lagong’s smug look,Xiang Chen really can’t bear to tell him,At first, I just lacked a better tableware,I just had a fight with Rodzan,Although the final result was that I was lucky enough to win。