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Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Three Play pig eat tiger
And why don’t Hua Ziyu regret it?,Even if you don’t eat,Sell it at a good price,There was a bid of 10 million to play and buy,But I just pushed ten million out。
“No problem, Zhen Lao,After our company is established,I will get some for our internal employees,Treat it as a welfare。”Qin Feng said with a smile。
“Then I’ll take care of the employees of our company,Thank you Mr. Cheng!”Old Zhen laughed and said。
“I’m not Mr. Cheng,Our company only has Mr. Zhen。”Speaking of this, Qin Feng glanced at Zhang Dong,Then continued:“And Mr. Zhang!”Qin Feng patted Zhang Dong on the shoulder。
“Yes,And Mr. Zhang,Hahaha……”Obviously I met Qin Feng here today,So that Mr. Zhen felt that this trip was not in vain。
When Qin Feng and Zhen Lao talked about Mr. Zhang,The most unexpected is Hua Ziyu,How he thought of,They said Mr. Zhang turned out to be Zhang Dong。
but,When he saw Qin Feng tapping Zhang Dong on the shoulder,Hua Ziyu’s heart sank,Suddenly hate it。
Although he has worked in his own company these years,But it’s pretty hard,I’m just a sales team leader today,And when others saw him, they just called him Hua Shao。
Even so,He always feels that he has more face in front of Zhang Dong,But think about it now,It turns out that I have always been sensationalizing。
He hates Zhang Dong,Hate Qin Feng more,He thinks they have been pretending to be pigs and tigers,From beginning to end, they designed the trap,So that I can step into their trap step by step。
“Boss,Zhen Lao,I dare not pose in front of you,But you can rest assured,I will do my best to help us Zhencheng Pharmaceutical Company,I also thank the boss and Mr. Zhen for giving me this opportunity。”
Zhang Dong bowed deeply。