Populus squatted down,Touch the little guy’s belly:“Uncle’s fault,Are you full??”

The little guy denies,Replied without scruples:“I am full,But i can still eat。”
Populus laughed,Holding his little hand:“Then go,Uncle takes you to a big meal。”
“I want to eat such a big shrimp。”The little guy couldn’t help making gestures。
Populus is immediately depressed:Is there such a big shrimp?Anyway i grow up so big,Never seen。
The people in the live room suddenly laughed and shot the computer desk,Especially seeing Hu Yang’s depressed expression。
The little guy hit his mother’s head,Be taught:“Be honest。”
“Haha!Cute little guy!Brother Hu is stumped, right?”
“Ha ha!People without children,Usually say that。People with children,Usually it’s tingling。”
“Humph!Want to lie to me to have a boy again??”
“Ugh!It’s another child,My brat,No fight for a day,Shang Fang Jie Wa!”
“Children at this age are the most naughty,Very headache。I was also tossed crazy by my sister’s two children,Something just sorted out,I was inadvertently turned over by them everywhere。”
“I feel sorry for my bottle of more than 1,000 cosmetics,Only used once。”
It seems,Children of this age are very unpopular!Bad evaluation。