Because in that case, Brother Fan, don’t you lose two right-hand men??”Xiao Fan felt very moved after hearing these words,After all, the two of them have been by their side for so many years,So many things put the two of them first。

I don’t want to hurt them at all,But if some tasks are entrusted to others,,He is not at ease,Or just help more and more,In that case, there is no need for them to help。
Xiao Fan can solve it by himself,But sometimes he also wants Yiming and Chu Yao to exercise more,After all these years,Although the two of them are very capable,And things get better and better。
No matter what, we can cooperate very well,Good Xiao Fan,But sometimes just keep busy with some things,Sometimes I lose my truest state,So Xiao Fan wanted to give them a challenge。
See what they will do,Or let them break through their limits,See if they can do better,May make yourself break through a state,Then I won’t live under Xiao Fan’s order。
Have their own world,Although Xiao Fan also knew,They may not agree to build their own world。Because they have always been by Xiao Fan’s side,No matter what you do, I feel that Xiao Fan is the main one。
And sometimes even if you don’t do anything,They also feel very at ease,Very relieved,They think maybe what Xiao Fan does around is very meaningful,Is their first dream。
They have not forgotten their original intention,No matter what you do, you can do some good and clear things。Then Xiao Fan smiled,Didn’t say much,No need to say anything at this moment。
Because the tacit understanding between them has reached its peak,Their emotions for so many years are not without,So all these years,The reason why they can get along so well,Like a brother。
Xiao Fan really treats them as his younger siblings,So no matter what, I can hope I can take care of them,Can make them grow better,So now they want to help Xiao Fan like they are grown up。
I want to protect Xiao Fan,I can even think of Xiao Fan for everything,Xiao Fan really felt very touched,It’s like watching my child grow up,So on this matter, Xiao Fan knew that they had really grown。
I didn’t waste my energy,They can do very well,Needless to say,Then he understands what is the most important and what is the second,Then what should I do? What should I put first。
So at this moment, I really like the two of them and hope that they can go on like this,Do what you like to do better and better,Will anything happen, move forward with confidence。
Because behind Xiao Fan will always give them continuous encouragement,Continuous support,Let them understand,No matter what happens,There is a Fan brother silently supporting them behind,So no matter what happens。