An evil castle made of dark rocks。In the most luxurious room on the top of the castle,A thin body,But it’s three meters tall,The commander of the Abyss Army Corps, Chelce, with a sword on his back, is usually very serious and serious in front of his men.。But at this moment, facing the main divine messenger who has a lot of friendship with him,But said silently:“I said Olier,You want information on the strongest in the abyss,Just send me a message directly through the dark castle!I have to go to the legion headquarters!”

“Chels,I am also for the Lord Lord’s mission。”Oliel took a sip from the glass。
“Oh,What task,Do you need my help??”As the commander of the Abyss Army, Chelse is also considered to be under the command of the Lord God。But the commander of the legion is different from the messenger of the main god。The main god messenger is directly under the hand of a specific main god,For example, the current Oriel belongs to the subordinate of Sacutos, the main god of the abyss。
The captain,Strictly speaking, it belongs to‘Lordship’Under,If Sakutos, the current god of the abyss, was killed,Lord Godhead is refined,Naturally, this new main god will not think that the messenger of the current abyss master is his own messenger。But as usual,The commander of the Abyssal Legion is still under the command of the new Abyssal Lord,Under normal circumstances will not be replaced。
But because of this,The main god doesn’t trust the legion commander under his command.,Legion commanders can’t get much benefit。therefore,The Chief of the Legion,It’s quite flattering。
“You should know the current situation of the war!”Oliel asked his friend,The mission the Lord God gave him is not a top secret mission,In fact, he also needs help from the commander。
“Ok,Our Dark God Plane has lost six games,Is it possible that the Lord God is planning to take in several Lord God messengers to join the plane war??”The commander of the abyss lit up,Since he joined in to help select the new main angel,He can have a good relationship with these new messengers。“No wonder you want to ask me for information,rest assured,I will now arrange to screen the most suitable candidates。”
“。。。。。。”Olier suddenly felt like he had nothing to say,What I wanted to say was said by this old friend。But after thinking about it,:“Lord Lord said he would take out the Lord God tool,It’s best to choose which type of strength has big flaws,But the commander-level powerhouse with obvious advantages,In this way, they will be stronger after getting the main artifact,Also easier to invite。”
Although it’s under Dzogchen,The main god chooses a palace master-level powerhouse as his main god messenger,No excuse,But that’s someone chosen by the Lord God himself,Now it’s only the lord god messenger Auriel who invites the lord god messenger,Other palace master-level powerhouses can completely lose face,Oriel will not ask the Lord God for this kind of thing,It would appear that he is very incompetent。
“alright,I will pay attention to these,Give me half a day and let me choose,Then I will accompany you to invite them one by one。”The commander of the Abyssal Legion grinned,“But after you go back, you have to presume my name in front of the Lord God。”
“Rest assured,But the tasks assigned by the Lord God must be done well!”
Half a day later,
“Scadi,Good at applying the rules of fate to material attacks,Pike attack is almost impossible to block,Can only rely on divine defense to resist。。。Ok,I can only say that the means are special。It’s a pity that it is wrong to study the rules of fate into material attacks.。Regardless of material attack,Soul attack,Material defense and soul defense are average,exclude。”
“Ghost Lotus Shadowwalker,Good at death rules,Soul attack is extremely powerful,Soul defense is also very good,The only shortcoming is material defense。This can be selected as an alternative,Just give him a material defense main artifact,Strength can be greatly improved。”
“Thunder King,Super strong from the plane of Thunder God,Good at the law of lightning。Material attacks and soul attacks are extremely strong,Very fast, good at dodge attacks,If you add another material to attack the main artifact,There will be a huge improvement in strength,But the life-saving aspect is still slightly weak。This can also be placed in the list of candidates。”
Two and one main messenger,A legion commander and two of them looked through the intelligence files of the abyss mainland powerhouse one by one。
As the power of the main god,The information of the Abyss Legion is shared with the Dark Castle,And on intelligence,Especially for the strong,These forces that directly belong to the main god are the strongest。
“Ok,Soul mutation powerhouse,There is only one god clone on the dark god plane,And this god clone seems to have the strength of the palace master。The strongest god clone is in the life god realm,Actually killed Palace Master Youchang one after another。It’s a match for blood。The bloody old guy I played against,Not very good moves,But the body is amazingly powerful,I can’t even hurt his body,Was actually killed!This life god‘Lieshan Wizard’Really strong enough。”