Li Mei looked at Wang Youcai and said with a smile:“Really young and promising,The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward。Private hospitals like this,There are already many in the South,Unexpectedly, in Pingdu, we hide a powerful person like you。It’s so comforting!”

“Dean Li!Our hospital has not been opened yet,You’ll be wronged for a while,Once our hospital is built,You have too many things”
Wang Youcai wanted Li Mei to be the vice president of their new hospital,But when I thought of Dr. Lu in the middle,So he swallowed the words that came to his lips。
Doctor Lu tidied up He Jing’s seat,Hello, where is Li Mei sitting?。He smiled very happily:“Don’t look at our temple,But tolerate you as a living bodhisattva。You’ll know in a while,People who come here to see a doctor,Not much less than you”
“I’ve heard it a long time ago,You sit here,There is an endless stream of people coming to see the doctor,Jane really is like a city”
Li Mei laughed,To praise Doctor Lu。This is what smart people do,respect others,It’s equal to respecting yourself。Doctor Lu’s worth is higher,Then her worth will increase invisibly。
Between talking,More and more people come to see the doctor,When some people heard that the person who was in the consultation today turned out to be the retired vice president of the Municipal People’s Hospital,The whole small clinic became lively。
Wang Youcai wanted to ask Doctor Lu to take a good look,But too many people come,He can’t get in the team at all。Julan grabs medicine alone,I was too busy soon。Wang Youcai had to go and help her again。
Until noon,There are fewer sick people。Wang Youcai saw the opportunity and sat in front of Master Lu。Doctor Lu looked at Wang Youcai’s expression,I immediately understood。In front of Li Mei,Doctor Lu didn’t say a word,But directly gave Wang Youcai’s account。
After the pulse,Doctor Lu still didn’t say a word,He directly gave Wang Youcai a prescription。When Wang Youcai was about to get up,,Doctor Lu only said one thing:“Don’t be too tired,rest well,No smoking or drinking,Remember!”
Dr. Lu’s mouth is too tired and has a deep meaning,Others don’t know,Wang Youcai knows clearly。He was a little embarrassed to say:“I remembered Doctor Lu”
Li Mei glanced at Wang Youcai,Just smile。But Julan said softly to Wang Youcai:“Or I’ll take this medicine home for you to boil it up before sending it to the ground”
“No need to,I am going back to the mountain this afternoon,Because it’s been out for days”Wang Youcai said with a smile。
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Sunset,The afterglow of the setting sun reflected half of the sky。