“Yaru,Didn’t I come back??

You come first,If you have something, we can say slowly.,Not necessarily。”
Feel the little action that Sun Yaru is growing in his ear,How is Li Hui?。
Just some things can’t do,I don’t want to do it.。
Sun Yarn can obviously feel that Li Hui’s heartbeat is accelerating.,Obviously, the other’s breathing is also rushing。
“A style,You want me.,OK?
Give me once,I won’t be wrapped with you.,I just want to love you again.。”
The wind in the ear is growing,Blowing Li Xiangfei is a bit irritated,But he is clear that the people who feel the arms are already a bit confusing.。
“Yaru,You don’t want this way,You don’t be responsible for yourself.。”
Sun Yaru heard that Li Hui Feng this,Directly quickly faded only one of the thin pajamas on the body。
Just when she faded pajamas,Li Hui Feng is quickly come to the side。
“A style,I don’t need you to be responsible.,I will be responsible for tonight.,Don’t you feel my love for you??
Don’t you know that I can be with you?,I have retired.,In order to be with you,I even go to learn to raise crabs.,Is the life of the big city??”
“Not because of the big city without you,I really know that it is wrong.,A style,Don’t you forgive me once??”
Say,Sun Yaru is also a pear flower.。
Li Huihe listened to the sad words of the opponent,There is also a little can’t bear your heart.,But many things have not figured out,Even Sun Yaru is not trusted in his heart.。
Although the other party is actively sent to the door,But he still doesn’t want to touch,Because once it touched,With his character, he must be responsible for。
“In fact, I have talked about you very early.,I have long been forgiven.,But you have not believed it.,You said that I don’t forgive you.,How can you let you live here?,How can I work with you so happy?,Everything is to prove that I forgive you.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Sun Yaru is also a little expected to look forward to Li Hui.。
“Then why can’t you have me?,I don’t need you to be responsible for me.,I just want to be with you.,For our previous feelings。”
“Yaru,I also told you this thing.,I have a girlfriend,There are also people who love.,I admit that you have seen such a beautiful body, you can’t help but push you down.,But if I don’t have the same half of the body??”
Just finished this,The outside of the big white sound once again。
And Li Huihe heard this voice,It is also an opportunity to feel away from it.。
“That big white may have something,You are here to sleep here.,Let me see what is going on.。”
After that, Li Hui fell out directly.。
Just just ran out for a long time,He saw that the big white and the large yellow are waiting for him at the door.。
What happened to you??
Actually come out tonight.?”
Datun directly with the big yellow toward the orchard。
To the orchard,Li Hui Feng is stunned.,Because he actually saw a hurt fox,And this fox seems not much,Big white directly took the fox behind the neck of the fox, came to Li Hui’s face.。
That looks clearly to let Li speak in the wind to treat it.。
“Forehead,Where did you come from??
Let me save it?”
Big white and rhubarb are nodded.。
Li Hui Feng saw this scene is also a sorry:“You are not a species,Actually there is such sympathy,You are just more than humans.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng directly checks the injury of the fox,Let him have some unexpected fox actually being buddy.,Then poisoning will be dying。