“Yes indeed!I just want to die,You come and clean us up“Ni Xiaoli stood up with her pregnant belly,She forced Chao Wang Youcai step by step。

Watching Ni Xiaoli use her big belly as a shield again,Wang Youcai’s anger suddenly fell a lot。A small leak will sink a great ship,He still understands this truth,After all, the child in the belly is innocent。
“You got sick as soon as i came back,You said can you correct this stinking problem?“Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Said coldly to Ni Xiaoli。
Ni Xiaoli with hands on hips,She shouted angrily Wang Youcai:“You are fooling around with the skank outside,I don’t want me to welcome you,Would you be satisfied if you fry two more kidneys to make up??”
As the saying goes,Guilty conscience。Ni Xiaoli’s words just hit Wang Youcai’s sore spot,He and Ma Hongfang just rolled together,Maybe the perfume smell from this woman got on him,Smelled by Ni Xiaoli。
But how can Wang Youcai admit counsel in front of Ni Xiaoli?,He roared loudly:“You crazy,Suspicious all day long,I’m going!”Wang Youcai came to a wicked person to sue first,It feels like he was really wronged。
When Wang Youcai walked outside,Thinking,As long as Ni Xiaoli can keep him for a while。He will definitely go back,Stay at home one night,He recognized it even if it was sleeping on the sofa,But Ni Xiaoli didn’t do that。
The cool breeze of summer night blows on the face,Very comfortable。He walked aimlessly,I really want to find someone to drink with him。But think carefully,The whole city,Except that Tian Wa and Wu Wu are with him,There are really few people left。Each one has its own picture。
Pingdu Severe Fight,Lan Ling and Chen Na also disappeared out of thin air,They didn’t call him a single phone when they left,This made Wang Youcai very disappointed。Xu Lihong returned to her hometown in the country,Doesn’t seem to come out yet,And Chen Xiaoju is said to have more than half a year to come out,Thinking of this woman,Wang Youcai still feels a little uncomfortable。
As the saying goes:”One day couple hundred days grace,He and Chen Xiaoju stayed together for so long after all,And also have the reality of husband and wife,Although I separated later,But he still has a little obsession with this woman in his heart。
“Yo!Boss Wang,Why are you alone?”With the slightly vicissitudes of man’s voice,Suddenly someone patted Wang Youcai on the back。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,He hurriedly looked back。I can do whatever I want,This person is not someone else,Which of Chen Xiaodong’s cellmate Zou Yong。
“Ah!It is you!Long time no see,Where is Chen Xiaodong?“Wang Youcai said,Smiled happily。
Zou Yong took a deep breath and said:“You are the big boss,Busy with big things every day,How can you meet someone like us。Xiaodong will be there in a while,Why don’t we have two drinks together,Retelling the past?“