Ma Xiaofeng listened,A look of surprise,She asked with a smile:“You have left the startup group,Order now,People will listen to you?”

“What’s not listening,Their machinery and cement are valuable,No money for them now,We can keep accounts!When Zhangyang Village develops,These can be returned to them”Xia Jian said with a faint smile。But he just said casually,It’s impossible。
Ma Xiaofeng took a long breath and said:“You really have a way,In such a difficult situation in the city,Mayor Qin asked the secretary to send you money,It’s not easy!”
“so,There is no problem with Xia Jian being the head of Zhang Yang Village,Otherwise, no one else can do this mess,It can only become worse。Murakami’s work is done,We only have face in town”Secretary Wang sighed,Speak softly。
These few words of him are for Ma Xiaofeng,Maybe when he was outside just now,I have heard what Ma Xiaofeng said to Xia Jian,That’s why he said that。
“Secretary Wang is right,There is a Xiping Village in Pingyang Town,Has given us a long face in town。If Zhang Yangcun becomes the second Xiping,Then don’t we have more face“Ma Xiaofeng said and laughed。
Xia Jianyi listen,Busy following Ma Xiaofeng’s topic:“Pingyang Town in the future is terrible,Not only Xiping Village,And the leisure agriculture in Pingyang Town,Dongshan’s fruit industry base,Pepper planting in Shuijing Village。All are top projects,Just do it,Not only can drive the entire city,Will also set a benchmark in the province“
“it is good!We look forward to this day。Hey!Tomorrow Zhangyang Village will harden the village road, but it is a good thing,If not for a brief ceremony,Let Secretary Wang and I go there too,Is this the result of everyone’s hard work??”Ma Xiaofeng mixed officialdom for a long time,I like to engage in form。
Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Secretary Wang rushed to say:“Just two firecrackers,Get another piece of red cloth,Isn’t this ceremony finished??Picture auspicious!”
“it is good!No problem,I will call now to arrange“Xia Jian said very decisively。
Less than eight o’clock the next morning,Several road rollers,There are also two large trucks of cement all parked at the entrance of the village。Mayor Ma Xiaofeng and Secretary Wang accompanied by Ma Chuntao,Walked in every alley in Zhangyang Village。
People in Zhangyang Village also get up early,Everyone is like Chinese New Year。Villagers who came to help fight the way,I brought my tools and gathered at the entrance of the village。Several cadres in the village are busy giving everyone a group。
In the office of Zhangyang Village Committee,Xia Jian is making the last communication with several road-traversing masters sent by Guo Meili。Wait for everything to be ready,With the sound of firecrackers,In front of a long cloth with red flowers,Ma Xiaofeng and Secretary Wang,And Xia Jian holds a pair of scissors in each hand。
In the cheers of everyone,Just hear a click,The three scissors fell almost at the same time。At this moment,All the machines are turned on。Zhang Yang Village is a mess。
Village road hardening officially begins。This is after Pingyang Town and Xiping Village,The second village that hardened the road,This is really envious of the people in the nearby villages。