“There can be no other answer to the second question,Participating or not participating?”Officer Shen picked out the problem with a dark face。

It seems pretty hard to fool,Li Tianchou quickly calculated,In the end emotion defeated reason。He had a foreboding that the police came this time.,But it doesn’t make sense to take the initiative to make others take the blame,He raised his head,“participate。”
“Quite dishonest。”Officer Shen gave a dark smile,“You go out first。”
More than half an hour,The so-called understanding verification is over,Officer Shen asked his assistant to call,The person who clicked stays in place,Back to the workshop if you didn’t order。
Yan Defa stood anxiously behind the defense team,Want to talk a few times,After all because of timidity,Afraid of leaking,So I haven’t dared to speak,The small leaders on the construction site were like wooden stakes and said nothing。
Li Tianchou look around,Can’t help but frown。Erkun、Daxiong and other seven or eight workers,Basically honest people,Or a refreshing person who is very loyal。If you guessed right,They hold the same idea as themselves,Answered“participate”,Are left in place,The next situation may be even worse。
Officer Shen said to several people on the construction site such scenes as to do a good job of public order and safety,He announced that he would bring Li Tianchou and others back to the police station to further assist in the investigation。
Daxiong was not convinced,He threw off a defense player,Question loudly,“Don’t catch the gangster who is beating,You came to catch and beat them instead,What is the reason?”
Officer Shen was not angry,His explanation,“First explain,You are not arrested or formally arrested,Not even detention,Just ask you to help investigate。Secondly,Both parties in the fight can say that they are innocent,But what is the truth?Or after investigation。”Righteous words。
Li Tianchou laughed,“police officer,Since I have to speak with facts,Why did you take people away with a simple question?Can you tell exactly who is telling the truth,Who is telling lies?”
This question is very acute,Li Tianchou clearly saw the awkwardness of the assistant beside Police Officer Shen。
Officer Shen didn’t expect such a brainy person in the mud legs,He was obviously taken aback,Then his face was very ugly,“You lied before me,Not qualified to ask me this question。”
Li Tianchou smiled and nodded without speaking,But his expression made Officer Shen very angry,Secretly cursed in his stomach,Kid,I have what you suffer。
Then Police Officer Shen stopped paying attention to everyone’s discrimination,Fat hand wave,“Let’s go。”Everyone was taken off the site under the close surveillance of the joint defense team。