Bank of Communications has solidly promoted the consolidation of the poverty attack and the effectiveness of rural revitalization.

Original title: Bank of Communications has solidly promoted the consolidation of poverty and effectiveness, rural revitalization, effective connection to transport bank (referred to as branch) in-depth implementation of the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee on rural revitalization, implementing the CPC Central Committee on achieving construction of poverty, and rural resolution The document requirements of effective connection, effectively improve the political station, in accordance with the "four do not pick" work requirements, adhere to the overall stroke of work, extensively mobilize social strength, and form a consolidation to expand the results of poverty, and fully promote the countryside The powerful synerg of revitalization. Improve political stations and optimize organizational leadership optimization functional architecture.

Bank of Communications has established a rural revitalization work leading group, which promotes the rural revitalization of the rural resolution by the Chairman and the President of the President. transition. Total branch is co-promoted.

Implementing the "One Post and Double Responsibility", Bank through the establishment of a rural rejuvenation work group / special class, strengthen the system of all departments and the allocation of each department and the various branch banks, ensuring personnel, resources, and assessment "three in place, three guarantees". In combination with the resource endowment of helping Hui District, in-depth investigation, in accordance with the principle of environmental safety, click to help the main direction.

Many organizations, the special meeting of cross-departments, the line, summarize the experience planning and convey the study of rural residence and designation. By commending the Bank of Transportation, the Advanced Collective Advanced Poverties, summarizes the experience of extracting the poverty, from the top and bottom, conveying the attention of the poverty attack and the revitalization of rural resolution.

Printing and Distributing the "Work Planning of the Rural Revitalization of Bank of Communications" "" Transport Bank’s fixed-point help work results assessment program (2021 edition) "promoted the implementation of work. Carry out supervision and investigation.

In order to continuously consolidate the resulination of the poverty, promote the revitalization of local characteristics, the party secretary, and the chairman of the Bank of Communications, the director of the Tu Deqi invested in Tianzhu County in Gansu Province, on-site supervision and feedback on the problem found in the research process, and proposed improvements in the symposium suggestions.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, the President Liu Wei went to Wanwei Branch of Gansu, and the financial support to promote the revitalization of rural revitalization in Tianzhu County. Party Committee, deputy director Zhou Wanyu went to Li Tang County, Sichuan Province, carrying out the resulinage settles of rural resolution. Optimize expansion management methods.

Around the government’s layout of rural revitalization, payment of the core group customers and key project needs, clear differentiated credit policies, and exhibition requirements. At the same time, guide the branch banks to interrupted the local government function department and use the local resource optimization to help the marketing scene.

Keep the strength, consolidate the poverty poverty reduction, payment of the standard, the standard of the standard, and the qualifications of the qualification, the gain of the gains, and the first time to implement the help of the help. Adhere to the donation project early delivery, early start, early access, focus on the industrial development project, only in the first half of the year, the donation fund is 25 million yuan, driving rich, employment and income through the industrial revitalization.

Holding Bank of Communications 2021, the first phase of the fixed point to help the county rural vitality leaders training class, helping local to get rich leaders to pioneering horizons, update ideas, and improve skills.

The fixed-point gangshan rural revitalization online training class, the accumulated training exchange system is stationed to help the drill, including more than 170 books in the village, and more than 3,000 people in Fu County.

Bank also passed the staff canteen, trade union welfare procurement priority purchase of fixed-point to help regional specialty agricultural products, using the handling credit card "buy single" App Mall set up a help farm area, employee restaurant small supermarket counters, continue to promote consumption help.

Up to now, the branch has purchased more than 730 million yuan in agricultural products to help sell more than 1150 million yuan in agricultural products. Highlight the financial advantage, help industrial development donation funds focus on the development of special industries. By helping the design of the special industries in the United States, we will continue to consolidate the results of the poverty, and promote the revitalization of rural villages. This year, the Bank of Communications in Tianzhu, Sichuan, Sichuan, Sichuan, Tang, Shanxi Province, invested more than 2,400 million yuan, and supported 7 industrial development projects.

Strengthen multi-party cooperation to support agricultural development. Communication actively docking the agricultural rural ministry, with the "credit direct train" project as the entry point, through the data interaction batch, provide accurate service for the new agricultural business main body. Continuous strengthening cooperation with the burden of burden, the national warranty institutions and insurance institutions, and provides financing services such as large grain, family farm, etc. Develop special financial products around the business scenes involved in agriculture. In response to this situation of promoting the difference in rural residence across the country, the communication research on different regions involved in farm scene financial needs. , Hebei, Jiangxi and other places have launched special financial products such as "online farmers].

Next, the Bank of Communications has further docked the integration of relevant external data sources, accelerating the extent of the business line and the digital wind control capability, providing more credit support to the well-operated new agricultural business entities.

Customized agricultural industry chain financial services program.

Communication relies on characteristic resources, closely combines the national construction of modern rural industries, and actively study the development of supply chain product programs that meet the financial needs of new agricultural business, build agricultural whole-industrial chain service systems to help agricultural industries.

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