I always feel that fatigue is not necessarily stressful.

I always feel that fatigue is not necessarily stressful.

In winter, many people’s mental state also began to hibernate. There is no sleepy night in the night. The quality of sleep is also good. Why do you always feel sleepy during the day? Total fatigue is not necessarily stressful. 1 lack of sleep, lack of sleep, and greatly reduce your life.And let you work hard every day, so in order to avoid fatigue, you must first add sleep.

2 Lack of exercise Regular exercise enhances strength and endurance, allowing your cardiovascular system to operate more efficiently and provide oxygen and nutrients.

Therefore, no matter how tired, proper exercise can greatly alleviate your physical fatigue.

3 does not add enough water to evaporate, resulting in a decrease in blood volume, and becomes sticky, causing a burden on the heart, so adding enough water can increase blood circulation and allow the body to get more nutrients.

4 The body’s lack of iron in the body can make you feel tired, irritated, weak, unable to concentrate, so proper supplementation of iron-containing food will make us more and more abundant.

5 myocardial infarction When the human body suffers from cardiovascular infarction, due to the poor function of the heart organ, the heart can not provide blood supply to the body in a timely and effective manner, so its physical exertion is faster, it is easier to cause physical fatigue.Feeling, mental state is not good.

6 Diabetes When it is in its own state of diabetes, its blood sugar content will be relatively high. In the state of long-term hyperglycemia, the functions of various organs in the body will begin to decline, and the vascular system in the body will be affected and destroyed.In this state, the body can not absorb the various nutrients into energy in time, the energy in the body is relatively small, and the consumption is fast. At this time, it is very easy to feel tired and sleepy, and the mental state is often sluggish.

How to adjust the mentality, 1 fist, step on the fist, hold it tightly, place it behind the ear, close to the central skull position, close your eyes, head back, feel the strength of the head supporting the head, there will be some feeling of relaxation,Can release tired fatigue.

2 The benefits of smelling essential oils are rolling and stimulating the brain.

Because the air is dull and dizzy, when you have unclear thoughts, you can choose the essential oils such as lemongrass or cold-scented camphor, rosemary essential oil to make the surrounding air fresh.

Also, lemon and grapefruit can help increase work efficiency by more than 50%.

Lemon, verbena, citrus, grapefruit and other special odors can make people full of energy and have a stronger refreshing effect.

When you use the mint to make trouble, many people use the peppermint oil or the mint stick to smear. In addition to the short-lived cool feeling, it can also make people wake up.

And the aroma of mint has a very good feeling, and it can also heat up in the summer.

4 Stretching and sitting in the seat for a long time, you can stand and stretch, stretch your muscles, twist your neck and relieve soreness.

In addition to making you refreshed, it is also very good for your health.

6 food treatments for Yiqi refreshing 1 puzzle porridge materials: 50 grams of previous rice, 5 grams of puzzle kernels, 1 gram of salt.

Practice: Put the previous Miwen fire into a thin porridge, transfer it to the end of the puzzle and a small amount of salt, cook for a while, and stop the fire when the porridge is thick.

Efficacy: Jiannao puzzle, warm spleen and kidney, solid and urinary.

The medicated diet is apathetic, dizzy and forgetful, memory loss, weak waist and knees, chills and cold limbs, nocturia and other kidney essence deficiency, brain marrow dystrophy, have adjuvant treatment.

2 Mint tea mint tea can calm nervousness, refreshing and relieving depression, relieving cough, relieving cold and headache, appetizing to help digestion, can eliminate flatulence or indigestion to relieve throat discomfort, help appetite, digestion, relieve stomach pain and headacheAnd promote metabolism, eliminate bad breath, hangover and sober up; have physical strength, calming effect, help digestion.

3 ginseng jujube porridge materials: 3 grams of ginseng, 3 red dates, 60 grams of previous rice.

Practice: After the jujube is cut into the nucleus and ginseng, the rice is cooked in the pot and cooked.

Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of supplementing the vital energy, suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency.

4 ginseng Lingzhi Wuji Tang material: ginseng slice 5-10 grams, Ganoderma lucidum 10-20 grams, 1 black pheasant, seasonings appropriate amount.

Practice: Ginseng tablets, Ganoderma lucidum mixed into the chicken belly, stewed in a casserole until the chicken is cooked, eat chicken and drink soup.

Efficacy: This soup is good for the work of strengthening the body, suitable for people with physical weakness and easy to catch cold.

5 ginseng tea ginseng contains basic compounds and multivitamins, which has a good regulation of the human nervous system, and can improve human immunity and effectively eliminate fatigue.