“Who insulted you?Who killed you?Are you insane?A great opportunity lies before your eyes,But you don’t know to cherish,Not even the least awe,Are you trying to laugh at me?”

After Nezha heard the words of the new group member Luo Chen,Mind moved,Stopped killing,Said with a smile,He really doesn’t understand what the new group member Luo Chen is thinking?
“Little cause and effect,I feel inferior to myself,Do you use your unruly appearance to hide your inner fragility??Really sad。”
Jingtian looked at the new group member Luo Chen in front of him,An inexplicable light flashed in my eyes,Said quietly,He can see the causal lines of other creatures,And this new group member Luo Chen has very few causal lines。
It shows that this new group member Luo Chen is not an existence who likes to cause trouble everywhere.,Just because of inner inferiority,Only used rebelliousness to cover up my inferiority complex。
“Who is inferior?who am I?I’m the Young Master of Qinglong Holy City,In the entire Qinglong Holy City,Under me,Over ten thousand people,Who dare to mess with me?”
“You two selfish guys,Don’t talk nonsense in front of me,This will only make me look down on you,Kill me if you can,Let me go。”
After Luo Chen heard that the man named Jingtian in front of him broke through his disguise,Ignored,Said disdainfully,How can he feel inferior?He has a father in the Holy Land,There are so many treasures in his secret room,Why should he have low self-esteem?
“Let me change another way,Maybe you can accept it better,After all, my patience is limited。”
“Do you crave strength?Do you long for longevity?Do you long for immortality?Do you want all creatures to be afraid of your power?Do you want your father to be proud of you?”
“If you desire all of this,You just check the extra information in your mind,Then you will know where it is,What a chance you have。”
“Don’t try to provoke me again,Want me to kill you in anger?Then all this I just said,You never get。”
Jingtian looked at the new group member Luo Chen in front of him,Said in a leisurely tone,He won’t repeat,Tolerate the presumptuousness of the new group member Luo Chen again and again,I hope Luo Chen can calm down and listen carefully to what he says。
otherwise,Sedum thinks that this kind of rebellious and inferior new group member,It takes a few beats from Nezha to listen to them。
After Luo Chen heard what the guy named Jingtian said,Whisper,perhaps,He really made a mistake,These two guys didn’t want to kill him。
then,Luo Chen began to lower his head to perceive the extra information in his mind,He was not afraid of these two guys,He was just a little curious about the chance that the fellow Sedum said。
“Sedum has a way,but,I really want to thank King Sedum,I finally fell asleep,Was awakened by Jingtian again,I’m just an ordinary kid。”
“Can Sedum be merciful?,Put me back to sleep?I’m really sleepy,Look,I can’t open my sleepy eyes now。”
When Nezha saw Jingtian, he calmed down the unruly new group member Luo Chen.,Said helplessly,I knew Jingtian was so good at talking,What is he doing online?Honestly, isn’t it good to sleep at home??