The first thing he did when he returned to Dongcheng was to subdue the local gangsters。Even though the gangster has no ability,A Profound Level expert can easily bring them all down.。But,These punks are still useful,At least he has a good hand at getting news。

Especially in the Netherlands,Since this country itself is one of the countries with the best welfare system in Europe。It seems that many Chinese have said,This is a country that raises lazy people。Live here,You can quit after working for a month,Then you can get a one-month subsidy,of course,According to the welfare system,They can still get relief,it’s just
Have certain restrictions,It’s just not allowed to not work for as long。
Because there are more lazy people,There are even more people in this place。There are even many Chinese people who have immigrated or stayed in this place to become illegal households.。
In short,This is a very fertile growth environment,If you organize a group of people,Can really build a world or start a little business or something。
even,As the red light district in the Netherlands is still legalized,Then there will be more darkness。
Robben felt a little horrified by Qin Feng staring at it,“well,Mr. Qin Feng, even if you saved my life,But I don’t care too much!”
“Alright!”Qin Feng rolled his eyes,“I just want to say,What gang do you have here,Is there a high probability that we will directly hit the goalkeeper??”
“what?This one.This is not good?There are a lot of arms deals in this place,If you accidentally get together with the arms gang,Then it’s okay!”Robben felt that his careful liver almost couldn’t bear the stimulus。
Because you can find out from words,Qin Feng intends to swallow all the underground forces in Amsterdam。If this kind of thing were really so easy to do, it would have been unified long ago,Where will you wait until they show up??
So Robben called to persuade one to persuade another,Qin Feng didn’t listen at all。
“How many people do you have now?”
“I am used to a street in the red light district,How many people can I have??”Robben is depressed,Because Qin Feng obviously ignores his opposition。
“Stop it,Very fierce。Can match the firepower of an infantry company。”That’s bitter in Robben’s heart,Because Qin Feng and others didn’t listen at all。
“How many people do you have?Say,Can’t you get guns?”
“Can not do it,I’m a big bastard,I usually rely on clubs and fists,Just one street,How much is needed?”Robben really inherited the traditional culture of the Netherlands,The attitude of being a little rich。