Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Eight There is a slingshot behind the cardinal
A leopard is full of interest,I made sure that Li Xiang’s two sisters are not shameless,just ask:“Bottom of ten dollars,How to use clothes instead of?”
“Brother Leopard, you have money and can afford to lose,We are not as rich as you,Let us,How about counting by frequency?”The girl with a good figure suggested:“Lose too much,If you don’t want to pay, you can use clothes instead。If we win,You can also choose to wear clothes without money。”
Abao thought this proposal was good,Then I asked again:“You can only give money if you don’t have any clothes to replace?”
Li Xiangbai glanced at him and said:“What else do you want?I want to use my body to pay off debts?”
“Hehe,No、No。”Abao in front of Li Xiang,Of course I dare not say there is。
Once a circle of people began to deal with cards,Chen Wenjin is not in a hurry,I guess Li Xiang brought two people to play this,I must have thought of the routine,I will not use the means before the critical moment,He just plays whatever it is.,Anyway, he won’t follow if the bet increases。
Played a few times like this,Win or lose is very small,Abao said:“Blackjack is so boring。”
“Or play Texas Hold’em?”The long and beautiful girl suggested。
In this era, there are many gambling TV series and movies produced in the opposite side of Pengshi,God of Gamblers,Some movies have made gambling masters in martial arts,A card flying out can kill、Also comes with turn tracking function。
Chen Wenjin’s generation has seen a lot,A leopard suddenly became energetic,Say that is fun。
I imagine it will be as exciting as on TV,But I played a few hands that were not decent,Are all mixed contrast sizes,Leopard anxious,Just say:“Just play and compare the size!Open when the bet is finished!”
The two girls looked at each other,I am happy,Li Xiang is thinking too,Leopard, this is too slow!
then,Both girls said yes,Li Xiang said she was casual,Can’t play,Listen to the leopard。