After joining the chat group,He just felt his parents’ care and love for him,therefore,He will take over as the emperor of the Great Merchant,Helped up the shaky big business,Revitalize the Terran,Destroy the Monster Race,The parents who accompany her in Chentangguan。

therefore,See such silly members of the Sanqi group,Nezha would kindly persuade a few words,So as not to follow the Monkey King’s old path。
“When did the Nezha group members be the same as the Monkey King group members,Like to brag?Back then,Nezha group members are now five years old?Don’t feel like an old man all day long。”
“That monk will be here soon”
Wukong looked at Nezha with emotion on his face,Relentlessly revealing Nezha’s emotion,I still think back here?It’s like saying how old I am?Children under five,There is still a long time to come。
“Brother Wukong, don’t break me,Although my words are a bit exaggerated,But I am sincere。”
Nezha smiled bitterly and looked at Wukong,He still has a lot of sentiment to say,But at the beginning, he was interrupted by Goku.,He is also very embarrassed。
at this time,The door of Mengpo Village was suddenly opened,One in grey monk clothes,A dusty monk walked slowly from outside the door,Although watching the people in Mengpozhuang sitting together eating together is a bit curious,But look around,Still focusing on the most beautiful Meng Po among the four。
“I don’t know why the master came here?I remember that Buddhism seems to have clear rules,Monks must not covet women,The master acts like this,Seems to violate Buddhist precepts。”
Nezha stared at Aniang Sanqi as soon as the monk came in.,Said in a calm tone,Such a lecherous monk,It really made Nezha an eye-opener,If the lawless man knew about this,I’m afraid it will not directly descend on this world,Killed this lascivious monk。
“I don’t know where Meng Po is?Little monk nameless,Come here to ask for something。”
Wuming performed a Buddhist ceremony,Looking at Po Meng in front of me,Two more creatures,Said quietly,He entered Huangquan this time,Just want to enter the underworld,If you can convince Po Meng to let him go to the underworld,Also a blessing。
Wuming is a Buddhist disciple,Buddhism pays attention to compassion,Wuming naturally doesn’t want to shoot,Besides,This Huangquan seems to be different from what Wuming thought,Didn’t it mean that no creatures could enter the Yellow Spring??Then what happened to these two human races who are obviously creatures in front of him?
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty One Nameless Yellow Spring
“I am Po Meng,I don’t know what happened to this master here?”
After Po Meng heard the monk in front of her bluntly saying that she was looking for her,Mildly,If this monk is really bad,,I can only rely on Master Wukong,After all, the monk who dared to enter Huangquan alone,Definitely rely on。
Po Meng can be sure that this monk has mostly cultivated the real body of Arhat,Because there are only monks in this world who have cultivated the true body of Arhat,To kill Po Meng。