Urban people’s horror film psychology

Urban people’s “horror film” psychology

Today, thrilling horror films have become the new darling of urbanites.
Closing the door, unplugging the phone, mobile phone, and watching a horror movie have become a favorite way for many urbanites to enjoy.
Investigating the reasons for love watching horror movies, in addition to releasing psychological pressure and pursuing stimuli, I hope that facing the real humanity has become a deep-seated reason for urban people to love watching horror movies.
  Xiao Zhao, a white-collar worker who often watches horror movies, told reporters that the main reason was that he felt that his work was particularly exhausting. After reading a film, he felt that he was particularly relieved of stress.
  Zong Chunshan, director of the Beijing Psychological Association, said: “When watching horror films, people are in an extremely tense state. After reading them, the mood is suddenly relaxed.
The experience of relaxing after pursuing this tension is a common mentality that many people like to watch horror movies.
Zong Chunshan said that the seemingly virtual plot in the horror film often projected certain problems in the real society, reflecting some primitive intentions. It showed people’s true humanity in an unconventional way.
Therefore, this kind of story that reflects people’s true humanity brings people deep fear, but also meets the needs of people’s subconscious.
  Zong Chunshan also said that due to the particularity of the plot in the horror film, it is not suitable for all people to watch.
For example, children who are younger and have poor discrimination are not suitable for watching horror movies.
Because he is likely to imitate some illusory plots in the movie, he may have a misunderstanding of the real world.