Xia Chenglong stared at the man with burning eyes,Coldly squeezed out a few words from the mouth:“who are you?”

That man unreservedly released his concentrating aura,A powerful coercion pressed straight on Xia Chenglong’s body。
Xia Chenglong only felt his legs soft,I’m about to kneel down,I heard him scream at this moment:“what。”
Then followed by the slightly bent knee,Just stood up straight again。
The man looked at Xia Chenglong with a warm look in his eyes,At this time, he clapped his hands gently,Said in a deep and hoarse voice:“Not bad,Not bad,Can be under the slight pressure of this work, under the coercion of this seat,Still stand up,Your kid is pretty good!”
Xia Chenglong turned his head and took a look at the man,Coldly squeezed a few words out of his mouth:“Lead me here,What are you doing?”
“Naturally not killing you,Kill you,You are already dead now!”
“Kill me,Although you are a strong person in the concentrating state,But it may not have that ability!”Xia Chenglong naturally has his own cards and pride。
That person glanced at Xia Chenglong,Then suddenly laughed,Laugh happily,As if I heard the most ridiculous joke in the world,Laughing wildly:
“Do you really think that a strong man in the concentrating state can’t kill you?do not forget,Ask god,Concentrate,Although only one level apart,But these two realms are different day by day。”
“You can try!”
Five simple words,But these five words revealed an unstoppable domineering,Worthy of being the Dragon King of Dahua Country。
Palm up,Finger bend,At this time, directly in his hands,Suddenly a light yellow light ball appeared。
This ball of light is as crystal clear as ice jade,I can’t help but want to touch it。
But Xia Chenglong knows what kind of power is contained in this little ball of light。
Xia Chenglong’s face revealed a solemn look,That man raised his head,Gave him a light look,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Evokes a playful smile:“Kid,It’s too late for you to apologize to me,you need to know,This gadget is not something you can resist。”