finally,Lu Menglin still handed all the traffickers who had been hammered to Liu Ting.,Then the two stood by the river and conspired for a long time,Until a certain degree of consensus is reached,This is how we parted ways。

After returning to Liufang,Lu Menglin did not go back to school,But found a small restaurant,Wang Shaoxiao、Chubby、Gather all the kids,Let’s discuss countermeasures together。
“According to me,What else can be discussed about this?Already handed the people over to the police uncle,Let them continue to check。Let’s get rich。”Wang Shaoxiao was the first to speak。
“What’s your opinion?”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Noncommittal,Asked。
Fatty tilted his head for a long time,The last sentence,“Brother Lu, what do you want to do?,I can do it。”
Baby just arrived,Don’t know the ins and outs of things,Sit silently。
“If this wolf brother is as ruthless as they say,Sooner or later we will come to trouble,Shrinking your neck is not the way。”Lu Menglin smiled。
In fact, there is another reason in his heart that he didn’t say,He wants to figure it out,Why one is far awayCCity boss,People who obviously can’t beat Su Xuehen with eight poles,Would send someone to kidnap her so much。
At first Lu Menglin thought it was human trafficking,Thinking about it later, I don’t think it’s right,They are clearly deliberate,Specifically for Su Xuehen,And that sister Ju also mentioned the Hong Kong boss,It made him feel a little uneasy。
“What to do then?People areCIchiba,Strong and strong,We can’t do it hard。”Wang Shaoxiao smiled bitterly。
Chubby blinked,Speak suddenly:“How about I go find a chance,Got him。”
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text Chapter Two Hundred and Twelve There is a bet in the mountains
? “No way,If he is so easy,Had been fucked long ago。Don’t mess around,Let’s think of a solution together。”Lu Menglin heard the meaning of Fatty,Shocked,Said quickly。
Actually, Lu Menglin was hesitant,That oneCBrother Shilang made it clear that he is a very ugly character,Very dangerous,I took these brothers to fight against this kind of scum,Is it too selfish??
Although he wants to know,Why would Brother Wolf target Su Xuehen,Even if there is someone behind Brother Wolf?These doubts linger in my heart like a mist,Lingering。