Fuming has been trapped。

The guard said awkwardly:“I don’t know why wow,Elder Qu specially ordered,If Ye Xuezi come,,Never let in!”
“Puff ha ha ha,There is a fool waiting to be beaten”
“It’s the first few days?”
“do not know,It should be more than 20!”
“Wait for a good show”
People around have stopped,There was excitement in his eyes,Basically every day I can see people at the door of Elder Qu who want to go in,After entering, they were beaten out by Elder Qu’s disciple Ling Xi,That’s extremely embarrassing!
Fuming can’t say anything,Make a living,Took a few steps back,Set up,Tantian。
Everyone is a little confused,Even the guards don’t know what you want to do.。
A loud roar,Lingxi roared out,The whole inner courtyard was shaken,Loud,Everyone covered their ears。
Qu Anlie is drinking tea peacefully in the house,I was so yelling,The tea that I drank in my mouth was sprayed out。
“Who,Looking for death!”
Qu Anlie wiped the tea on his body,I don’t have a bad temper,The fire was straight up。
“and many more,This voice is a bit familiar!”