Wang Youcai did not sit,Standing at the door and said solemnly。

Song Fang laughed and said:“This little thing,You can’t let the child live with his grandma for a few days。Don’t worry about this”
“Come in and sit!What is it like standing at the door”Wang Youfa is busy saying hello to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai sighed and said:“no need,I have to go,Have to get up early tomorrow”He turned around after speaking。
First2435chapter Difficult woman
the next day,Daybreak。Wang Youcai drove the car,Take Yao Chunni and Xiaolonglong to Chenzhuang Scenic Tree Planting Base。Along the way,The kid is happy to dance and sing,I feel so happy。
When the car passed Baishui Town,He also deliberately slowed down。Du Xiaohong’s grain and oil store is still closed,Because at this time,The business people are all up。
Wang Youcai hesitated,Kick the throttle,The car speeded up violently and passed through Baishui Town。
Wang Youcai just returned to the office,The phone on the desk rang。He ran over to take a look,The phone number turned out to be Du Xiaohong’s landline number。Wang Youcai closed the door first,Then I answered the phone。
One call,Du Xiaohong’s crying voice came from inside:“Hey!Did you pass through Baishui Town just now??”
“Yes indeed!I wanted to stop and see you,I didn’t expect your store door to be tightly closed。I said you are a business man,Can you be more diligent”
Wang Youcai was joking on the phone。Because he heard Du Xiaohong’s upset。
Du Xiaohong snorted coldly:“You are so embarrassed to say,Yesterday you took a step late,If it wasn’t for me in front of me,He went to the backyard”
“I’m afraid of him?Didn’t you say that there is no relationship between you?”
Although Wang Youcai said that,But his heart still couldn’t help but tremble。It seems that he felt right yesterday,Fortunately, I didn’t run to the front to watch the excitement,Otherwise, you will really be in trouble。
Du Xiaohong sighed and said:“There really is no relationship between us,But in Baishui Town,I have to give him face。Because this shop is his property,Really fell out,I have nowhere to stay”
“Damn!Your relationship still sounds complicated。In this case,I know what to do”
Wang Youcai said,Just want to hang up。