He slammed open the door with a panic,Although the house is messy,But no one,Uncle Geng has disappeared。Li Tianchou panted,The panic has eased slightly,The man squatted to the ground softly,Somewhat collapsed,And the clothes on my body have been soaked in cold sweat。

Just a two second gasp,Li Tianchou forced himself to stand up again,I checked all the rooms in the backyard very quickly,In addition to fighting marks and some blood stains,No new discoveries,Even the two houses where the doctor lives are empty。
Li Tianchou is back,Leaned over and picked up Awei’s body,Put him flat on Uncle Geng’s bed,Very sad。Awei doesn’t seem to have much pain,But the expression and the wide open eyes are surprisingly surprised。He was puzzled,Did Awei discover something before his death??
No time to think too much,Li Tianchou said silently to leave,Reached out and closed Ah Wei’s eyes and turned to go out。
Night breeze,Li Tianchou’s mind gradually calmed down,The most important thing right now is to figure out where Uncle Geng and other brothers are going。According to what you just saw,Explain the sneak attack on the adversary,Uncle Geng had foreseen and prepared,But why don’t you tell me?Recalling Zhu Lei’s reaction,He doesn’t seem to know,But I seem to know something。
No matter how much,Ask this guy first before talking,Li Tianchou hurried out of the backyard,From a distance, I heard two people trying their best to suppress their breath and approaching the courtyard slowly,Zhu Lei and the ladyboy arrived。To avoid misunderstanding,Li Tianchou whispered:“Brother Zhu,I’m inside。”
Two figures flashed into the courtyard almost at the same time,The horrified expression on his face is a bit exaggerated,Before Li Tianchou could speak,Zhu Lei has already called,“Did you see my uncle??”Hoarse voice,With a tremor。
Li Tianchou shook his head,“Uncle is not behind。”
Zhu Lei’s emotions are a bit out of control,He doesn’t believe it at all,Screamed and ran to the backyard,Shemale hesitated,And ran to the backyard。Li Tianchou stood in place,Did not stop,He can understand each other’s mood。
Not much effort,Zhu Lei and the shemale one after another,Walked back sadly,Look more ugly,It must be because I was uncomfortable seeing Awei。
“Action in Fukuyama at night,Except the four of us,Is there anyone else??”Li Tianchou asked without looking back。
“do not know,what do you mean?”Zhu Lei’s mood is still not calm,He walked slowly in front of Li Tianchou,Squinting eyes。
“I mean,How many people have gone to Fukuyama?,How many people stay here?”Li Tianchou further explained。
“Didn’t you hear what I said just now?”Zhu Lei’s answer is a bit gunpowder。
Li Tianchou’s expression is still calm,“The most urgent thing is to find Uncle Geng and everyone,That’s why I asked。Or you can put it another way,Someone came to attack tonight,Do you also know this?”
“are you crazy?”Zhu Lei’s face is ashen,Spit thick sputum on the ground with a puff,“I haven’t asked how you got the news?You bit me?”