Li Ming didn’t dodge,The mind-power weapon pierced in front of him was blocked by one of his martial artists with the mind-power weapon,At the same time hold the black mysterious spear,Shot from a distance,But the direction of the attack is slightly off,Directly bombard the middle-aged bodyguard beside the red robe man,The swordfish array drew a curve in the air,Cut directly to the red robe man。

At the same time, two spiritual teachers also exert their spiritual power,Resist in front of Hong and Thor。
But Li Ming did not resist the attack of Nian Li Soul。
The invisible power of thought pierced Li Ming’s sea of knowledge。
Know the vastness of the sea,However, a pale golden tower almost occupies the entire sea of consciousness,This Void Tower has two floors,This tower of the void has a pale golden color,Faintly with secret lines appearing,Seems perfect without flaws,Protect the soul core inside。
《Tower of the Void》——Two-story pagoda。
It’s the secret method passed down by Li Ming’s master of Meteorite Star,The strongest secret of soul defense。
The power of emptiness in the number of Dao invades Li Ming’s knowledge sea,Collide directly with the tower of the void,Just a moment,These seemingly powerful soul attacks instantly smashed into the Void Tower。
Li Ming has bright eyes,The attack is not slow,Cut directly to the bodyguard next to the red robe man。
The result of this round of offense and defense,Beyond the imagination of both parties。
The enchanting woman who was considered by Li Ming to be the strongest on the opposite side was holding a fiery red longbow,Want to shoot an arrow,But the head was directly pierced by the fragment of the red mixed copper mother,Fall。
And Li Ming,Baldwin, who ranks first among warriors in strength, was hit by three Nianli weapons at the same time,Fall。