Iron is not narrow“Good man”Or“Heroes”,But black and white,And there is also the heart of your ass——Even the year“Don’t eat people”Li Dadu has just showcase,But it is not a top ten wicked.,Iron unparalleled in order to make it back,Marry your daughter to him,I hope that I will lead my son-in-law back.。

The last result is,Your daughter and still have a disciple,It is only left by Li Dadu.!
After another,Li Dadu also flewers all the way,Finally, it is forced to hide in the village.。
But actually there is hidden feelings.,It is Li Dadi who has not been revealed.——In fact, his wife and her brother,Was discovered by Li Daozu,This is anger and kill。
It’s just that Li Daizu is not suffering from this unparalleled reputation.,And there is no way to the outside。
Even Li Dadu is a human person,I don’t want the iron unparalleled reputation.,It can be seen that it is prestige……
Chu Deirers have known from Shangguanhai,There are not many people from Lushan.,Only twenty-three,But it is elite、And there are several masters of the Thirteen Taibao in the mountains.,And Chu Deirers estimate that they have been fighting for themselves.,It is impossible to fight against the Shaoshan Many。
However, for iron unparalleled,As long as he sways,I couldn’t see the three hunan martial arts people who did not usually be sent to the Mountain.,Affirmative group,At that time, I will have to be thrown by the dog head.……
Chu Deirers got the guidance of Shangguan Haitang,After coming to Xiangtan,Be here“Tiefu”pay a visit to。
Tiefu’s large house,Several Confucius’s strong big man,Seeing Chu Deirers,It is also the customer’s gas.。
“Deerman,觍 觍 列 地地 地榜,If you have something to want to tell the iron hero,Have a hurry,Do not hand in advance to your post,Give。”Chu Deirers are modesty,One side of the second fact。
Look at the big man in two seconds,Lips slightly moving——Unlike a voice entry,According to Chu Deire,should be……In the sorrowful man!
“It turned out that、Chu Shaoxia, forcing the blood knife,Please come in、Please come in!”The big man is awkward。
kindness,Dali friends,Gaugu deer blowing cow,Basically, all by the world“filter”,However, in the social network of rivers and lakes,Be beautifying its record,It sounds down“Blown cow”Restore。
“My family is the most happy with Chu Shao.,Originally, it should be introduced immediately.,But today people say‘Cold moon sword’Water heroes,Talking with the father in the government,May have to wait a two,Chu Sharisma is not to see。”Big Han, a poor,Said that I will introduce the Chu Deent。
Iron unparalleled and other guests,Chu Deiren nature will not be rude,Although it is only two days from the golden basin,But not in a hurry!
“Cold moon sword……But the water in the South 4th?”Chu Deirers also reacted at this time。
Can be paid to the iron,Nature is not a nameless generation。
Nanxiao、Northern four,Although there is no South Murong、North Qiaofeng is so loud,But it is also a high-class person in the rivers and lakes.。
one of them“Nanxiao”It means“Flower flow”Four worship brothers,Water ranking old four。
exist“Liancheng”middle,Nan 4th, I learned that the blood knife old ancestors came to the two lakes,Take the martial arts immediately,result……Instead, the daughter of the water is brushed.,South Siqi all the way from Two Lakes,At the Tibetan Snow Mountain。
although“Nanxiao”Fourth place,Some martial arts are not blood knife,However, it is not like a blood knife.、Be more good,Especially the old two flower iron is scared, it is a traitorous person.,The result except three heroes outside the flower iron,Funny,And this also achieved a fate of Di Yun and Huadi。
exist“Liancheng”middle,Water manifestation,It can be said that the opposite is true and iron,Not only when you start chasing the blood knife,It is a big hero gas cover,And until big brother、Second brothers are done by the blood knife,I was also cut off when I was cut off.,There is still a gorgeous gas。
Although I am mistaken, Di Yun is a disciple of a bloody door.,But after discovering Di Yunxin,By going through the death、Decades Di Yun“Before you change”。
Compared to flower iron,Water is dead, but only“Skill is not as good as people”,There is no collapse of South 4、The heroes of the cold moon。
“good,It is Water Man。”Cross also said very worship。
It is also the time to introduce halfway,Another guilty passenger hurried,Said that I have the owner of the iron.。
Obviously this is not ready to wait for the water,Goodbye, suddenly on the door,Very likely……Water is also present?
really,Chu Deiren came to the hospital hall,Already have two“Old man”,Splitter sitting。
Among them,It seems a lot of age,But it’s burly、Back ridge,The whole white beard also repairs neither Zhang Yang、Repeatedly,Obviously there are external skills。
Compared to below,This place,Negative appearance is young,But it has already been posted,The five senses are also more“kindly”some,Wearing a halfway,Both eyesight,It should be that the family work is。
Look at the host and you can know,The former is the faucet of Sanxiang Wulin,The latter is a water that happens in the government.!
Especially after the water,There are two young people standing standing,A man and a woman,At first glance, it is a woman’s appearance.、Flying,Confidence revealing from the inside out。
Men’s look and Chu Deirers almost almost,It should be twenty up and down,The woman is still in the second year of China.……
Obviously the daughter of the water,And his pro-disciples Wang Xiaofeng!
Nostalvous,Water is older。
Waterfront and Wang Xiaofeng are not only green.,And also known“剑 双”,List of the list、twelve,It can be said that the excellence in the show after the martial arts.。
“Evener,Meet the old hero、Water heroes。”Chu Deiren entered the door,If you take the initiative to give two people。
“Hahaha,Chu Shaozi does not have to be rich,This is amazing in Dali、Famous list,Especially the four fierce、Blood knife, etc.,Little age has this,Be admiring,Envelope!”Iron unparalleled, the passenger of the other side led。