“This is still in town,You want to be clear?”

“Fuck it,Align。”Wu Fang looked at the inverted mirror,Murder in the eyes。
Yuan Hua stepped on the accelerator slowly and strengthened,The distance between the Cherokee and the motorcycle that had been shrinking was gradually opened up.。Two bangs,The other party’s arrogance is beyond imagination,Not only accelerated,And can’t help but shoot。
Seeing Yuan Hua humming a little song with ease,Li Tianchou couldn’t help but remembered leaving with Uncle Geng and others half a year agoSZcity,The scene when being hunted down。At that time, he was forced to turn his head back.,So that the fate of him and the people of Yuxing were tightly bound together,Looks hard、The simple part-time work life has also changed。
“Sit down。”Yuan Hua shouted,With the buzzing of the engine,Cherokee jumped forward,The sudden force of pushing the back can not help but make people’s heart beat faster。But at this time the motorcycle in the inverted mirror is also accelerating wild,Cherokee didn’t just shake off the opponent,Instead, the distance gets closer and closer。
“brothers,Lie forward,Hug your head。”Wu Fang always looked at the inverted mirror,Suddenly reminded。But the voice just fell,Yuan Hua hit the brake fiercely,The car driving at high speed suddenly panic,Like hitting a bunch of rotten cotton head-on,The tires and the road made a harsh rubbing sound。
Even with a little preparation,But the huge inertia almost made Li Tianchou rise into the sky,Fortunately, he has a great sense of balance,My legs firmly hold my body,So as not to rush to the front row。Then there was a loud noise,Cherokee’s body was obviously shocked,The trunk was hit by a high-speed motorbike.。
Although I did not see the scene of the impact,But Li Tianchou knows exactly what happened,Can’t help but sink in。But Wu Fang looked at the inverted mirror at this time, and was also extremely silent,It took a while to wave to Yuan Hua to speed up,The atmosphere in the car suddenly became dull。
After the car ran for a while,Yuan Hua slowed down slightly,The expression seems to be relaxed again,Intentionally or unintentionally, I observed Li Tianchou’s expression in the inverted mirror,The motorcycle that wanted to come to chase didn’t keep up。
Silence continued in the car,There is nothing to say between Li Tianchou and Yuan Hua。But Wu Fang was leaning on the seat with one hand against his chin.,Seems to be thinking,Snoring came soon,This guy actually fell asleep,
It’s another nearly four hours of trek,Finally returned to Fukuyama。But the car did not enter the city,But head north along the periphery,It seems that Yuan Hua already knew the destination when returning。Wu Fang is still in confusion,Li Tianchou has to ask,“Where is this going?”
“Ghost house。”Yuan Huameng turned his head,A hint of cunning flashed in his eyes。
Qingshui is located to the northwest of Yunshan County,Already inland。The main vein of Yunshan runs southeast across the entire Qingshui area,In addition to the numerous hilly slopes in the territory,The terrain is very dangerous、complex。The mountain peaks here are not high,But there is almost no decent flat land,Only the two sides of the meandering Qingshui River Valley can see the continuous plains,The county seat is located in the middle of the valley。
Looking down at the depths of the mountains,Under the cover of dense mountain forest, there is a small-scale platform surrounded by four or five peaks.,Heavenly Creation,Strange terrain,From a distance, it looks like a slightly deformed Western-style crown,The locals call it Yuwangtai。