Nice designer,Also have a good business operation,Rely on each other,There will be a greater survival space and development space.。

Yu Siyun only feels spicy on his face,“Why don’t they tell me??”
Yu Siyun’s face lost,In front of her blue,There is no previous toe high。
Two hours ago,Lan Xin let Ning Feifei go to the 11th floor,At that time they have already prepared。
And she,Still immersing how to deal with Blue Xin’s,I don’t know if there is such a big thing in the company.。
Blue Xin laughs,Looking at her eyes,“In fact, I also want to know this problem.,Why didn’t you tell you?。”
at this time,The reporter is asking Lu Haoheng problem:“Continental,I heard that you have a lady with your lady in the hospital in the hospital last half.,This matter makes a lot of netizens feel the warmth of the land.。
Now the lady has been discharged.,After your husband and wife work together,Will you create a history of high-tech??”
NS997chapter:This note is written by you.
in the past,Lu Haocheng will not answer such a problem,But facing the media today,His look is milder than usual.,“The design director of the Lu Group is my lady.,And the Chasing Group will develop so good,Relying on the owner of the Lu Group,My wife offers an advantage,Let us cooperate together,Because everyone’s efforts,Can we go further,This is a win-win business spirit.,Let Lu Group go to the world,This is our common goal。”
Lu Haocheng is very clever answer,Also win everyone’s praise。
My:I have never seen that we are gentle.,have a look,This is the power of love。
Fresh orange?:In the past year,My,Whether it is happiness or pain,We have experienced,May you be more happier in the future,Lu Group to the world。
When did I marry him?:This color value,Gentle can make me lick the screen for a lifetime,I wish you old.。
Live room review,In just a short time,There have been tens of millions of greetings。
Lan Xin smiled and looked at Lu Haozheng,Looking at him,European,And the media said some new things related。
She is sitting quietly,No five minutes,The man will appear in front of her.。
Yu Siyun also stood in the same place,She doesn’t know why the Lu Group will suddenly release new products.,Things scheduled for three days suddenly。
She sent WeChat to my aunt.,But there is no reply。
Blue Xin’s bottom silent time,Five minutes is still a little,The elevator door is open.。
Lu Haozheng,I saw Blue Xin.,He laughed and gently came out.,“Blue,Waiting for tired?”
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,“no,I went to a hospital.?
This time is just right.。”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,A few steps to come to her,Crazy and pulled her hand to check some,No wound:“Blue,Where does it hurt,Why don’t you call me??”
Blue Xin looked at him so urgent,Smile and shake your head,“You don’t have to worry,It’s awkward.,I sent her to the hospital with a child.。
She has not woke up yet,After you have the end of your things,Let’s go to the hospital to see her.,Now I looked at her.。”
Lu Haocheng eyebrows,Some guilt,“Will not let the child,Let her give her gas.?”
Blue Xin knows that he is so good,And also let Muzi have a whistle,“no,The child has promised,He is not escaping,Will be well with you in the future。
I have been a big blow in this time.,Will come out in today’s one-time,The index of the liver suddenly increased,Only cause her to fainting,Doctors say no big problem,It is no longer stimulating in the future.。”
Lu Haocheng pinched her cheeks,“Scared you.,She goes to the hospital every time.,Has been in tears,I have been telling you something。
Look at you can’t stand in bed,She is also very painful。”
“I know,He has always hurt me,I am afraid that I am bullied.,She is always worried。”
Blue Xin happy laugh,Life in the world,Get a good girlfriend,She is really fortunate。
Lu Haocheng suddenly anger:“Who dares to bully my wife?,I can’t put her.。”
Yu Siyun after Blue Xinyun, listen to this cold tone,The whole person trembles.。
She asked some soul:“Continental,Is the new product release not in three days??
How suddenly?”
She is very gentle,Slightly lip,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng, who is squatting in front of Blue Xin。
Lu Haocheng Road:“do you have any opinion?”
After throwing a few words,Lu Haoheng got up and pushed Blue Xin to the office。