This hug, they have been waiting for 30 years.

This event was the 12th recognition activities organized by Tianjin Public Security Organizations since this year.

Since the launch of the "Reunion" action, Tianjin Public Security Organs has established a "reunion" action leading group, organized criminal investigation, legal system, population management and other departments in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Government. Establish a municipal bureau and branch offices to detect the two-level work of the abduction of children’s standard case, and set up a task force for every abduction of children’s standard, and concentrate the advantage of the resource to break the case, helping more discrete families. Reunion.

In the "reunion" action, Tianjin Public Security Organs collected entry on the information of the information, one-by-case basis, and reviewed the verification by one by one by one, and fully use a variety of ways to find a depth look. , Coordinate the joints of the linkage and other departments, and fully promote the "reunion" action.

The Tianjin Public Security Bureau’s responsible comrades said that every child is in love and expectation, and it is a parent’s heart meat, palm.

Severely crack down on trafficking children’s criminal behavior, helping children who have been abducted and family members are unshirkable responsibilities of public security organs, and also the vivid practice of the public security organs guarding Wanjia Anning.

Tianjin Public Security Organs have always been "zero tolerance", constantly strengthening the work of abduction and anti-transes, and promoting "reunion" action to achieve more results of more results, let love home, let the love reunion.

(Cui Xinyao, Li Dan, Zhang Ruixin, Zhang Yuyi) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.