Tips: How to make the elderly and children live in harmony –

Tips: How to make the elderly and children live in harmony?

According to the latest survey, in Croatia, the population over 60 has reached 1.

3 billion, accounting for 10% of the total population.

Too many children also complain, and getting along with older parents is getting harder and harder.

  So how should children get along with their parents?

Experts on ageing have analyzed the elderly for several different psychological types.

Please see the “six secret recipes” below: Type 1: Defensive and rigorous features and performance: This kind of old people will feel empty and lonely, and the solution they adopt is the intense work and various possible activities.The full state allows them to forget their age and loneliness.

  The way to get along: First, you can’t simply deny their positive attitude, but at the same time try to distract them, give them a chance to relax, and induce them to be busy.

  Type 2: Safety and leisure features and performance: Being comfortable with the status quo, easy to meet is the characteristics of such elderly people.

They like to get comfort from the people around them. The principle of doing things is not asking for merit, but asking for nothing.

They are not very concerned about the things around them, just enjoying the personal space.

  The way to get along: to give them enough space, not too far away, to provide warm comfort at the right distance, children and the surrounding people just provide them with a comfortable and quiet living environment to meet their requirements.
  Type 3: Characteristics and performance of mature and healthy type: This type of old people is open-minded and adaptable to psychological changes in the past. They can treat society and life with a scientific attitude and take the initiative to carry out some related social activities.Have your own circle of contacts and friends.

  The way to get along: As long as the younger generation wants to enter filial piety, the mature and healthy old people will feel very happy.

  The mental state of the above three types of elderly people is generally within the normal range.

The following three types of old people need children and others to pay more attention to help the elderly to successfully pass the transition period and enjoy the happy old age.

  Type 4: Characteristics and performance of self-blame and depression: This type of old man points his grievances and dissatisfaction to himself. He will attribute his mistakes and misfortunes to his own failures. He is pessimistic about everything and is not willing to change.In reality, there is no confidence in social activities and no interest.

  The way to get along: the most important thing for children to do is to communicate, especially to persuade and encourage.

This type of old man is characterized by lack of confidence and always feels that his own affairs are not doing well. While the children are enthusiastic in encouraging the elderly, they must give the elderly a specific analysis of the crux of the problem. They should not be patient and perfunctory, because the elderly are mostly sensitive.The negative response of children will further reduce their depression.

  Type 5: Characteristics and performance of anger attack type: Some of them have rude character, but I am the only one who likes to make decisions for children and younger generations; some do not admit that they are aging, and they will make trouble when they change slightly.

Some old people are normal, but they will be aggressive after losing their jobs and social circles.

  The way to get along: Considering that such elderly people can’t simply perfuse or hard-hitting, and it doesn’t matter if they add to their heart.

When the old man is on the head, the children can temporarily avoid the edge, and by doing other things to change the situation at that time, to eliminate the anger of the old man, and then communicate peacefully afterwards.

  Type 6: Childish Dependence Characteristics and Performance: The naive type of old people like to “give” to their children in some respects, and they are gradually full of childishness when they talk, and they will be angry when they encounter unsatisfactory things.

Children and grandchildren are awkward when they are in front of their eyes. After leaving their children, they feel unbearable and let their children have something to do.

  The way to get along: Expanding the life circle of the elderly is the only way to solve the problem of the naive old people. The old people depend on their children because they are lonely. When the life is rich, they will be reduced and they will gradually enjoy themselves.