Morning exercise is stressful, be careful not to mess

Morning exercise is stressful, be careful not to mess

Starting from the bed, “morning practice” should start from a blink of an eye. If you wake up, you should not get up immediately, but you should “lazy bed” for five minutes, so that the biological clock can adapt to the slow turn.

  At this time, you can lick your abdomen, lick your teeth, raise your anus and “comb your hair” (use a five-finger as a comb, it is a head massage), and carry out a “mental bathing”, that is, think about happy and happy things, and welcome a new day with happiness., “Get up in happiness.”

  Note that after drinking water in the morning, you should drink a cup of boiling water (cold water or warm water) to replace the blood viscosity and remove the toxins accumulated in the body to play the role of “internal washing”.

Defecation then compensates for the reabsorption of intestinal toxins by the large intestine.

  Morning exercise should be light and appropriate morning exercise is the “source of vitality”, the first start of a day’s activities, with a “switching effect.”

The light morning exercise makes people full of vitality, vitality, and enhances humor and art appeal, is less prone to endocrine disorders, and has the effect of reducing worry and improving sleep quality.

  All of this is done on the basis of mild morning exercise that enhances the order of the human body clock.

The morning exercise has a degree, and the slight sweat is only effective.

  Avoid fasting morning exercises. Do not practice in the morning on an empty stomach or full stomach. You can eat some foods such as bread, milk, eggs and fruits. After eating half full, go to the outdoors for morning exercise.

  Some people in the morning exercise and “smell the chicken dance” even climbed up and exercised at three or four o’clock, and then went back to sleep “back to the cage”.

This is not only vulnerable to air pollution, it will make the biological clock disorder, leading to fatigue and premature aging.

  Because the ground air pollution is the heaviest before sunrise and there is less oxygen at this time.

After sunrise, green plants begin to use photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide and spit out oxygen, and the air is fresh.

  Rain and fog weather is not suitable for morning exercise. The current “fog” is different from the past “water fog”. Due to serious pollution, it is now mostly “contamination fog”. The small droplets are rich in a large amount of pollutants and pathogenic bacteria, and the amount of breathing increases during morning exercises.Will inhale more impurities.

  Severe cases can cause difficulty breathing, chest tightness, palpitations, etc.

Heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, especially outside exercise.

  If the temperature is too low, it is not suitable for morning exercise. If the weather is too low, or the temperature drops suddenly, it is not suitable for morning exercise. Especially for the elderly, the infirm, the body temperature regulation ability is poor, and it is cold and susceptible to illness. The elderly should also pay attention to keep warm.

  In the rainy days, avoid practicing in the morning in the forest and still carry out morning exercises in the rainy days, but it is not suitable to practice in the woods. Because the trees are not exposed to sunlight at this time, they still absorb oxygen and carbon, which causes carbon dioxide poisoning.

  At the same time, it is not appropriate to practice on the side of the road, near the factory, in crowded places, so the pollution is serious and harmful to health.

  Easy Fitness Method The following fitness method can be done in the housework that you enter, or you can do it when the office does not affect others.

  One, one minute fitness method: 1.

Keep your feet apart and put your hands on your hips.


Pick up your feet, use the power of your foot bow to raise your body, and then your heels fall.


Repeat this action continuously.

  Second, three minutes fitness method: If you are constantly calling, you can use the phone’s “hands-free” call mode, while talking, do the following set of actions: 1.

Sit on the edge of the chair and let the thighs and calves stand at right angles.

Separate your hands under the top to support the body and lift the front away from the chair, keeping your hips straight and tightening your shoulders.


Bend your elbows and let your body sink slowly until the upper and upper arms form a right angle.


Lift your body and let your arms straighten again.