Bai Lu curled her lips,But he laughed out loud。

Environment is not too good,But finally it can wash away the sweat stains on the body。
After bathing,The whole person is much refreshed,But when Xiang Chen saw that there were thirty-two calls on his phone,The whole person is not so good!
“looking for me?”
After the call,The whole process of talking to Xiang Chen was black。
“Brother!What else,You left after killing?Do you want to be so cool?”
Zhu Ziqing’s question came over the phone,Xiang Chen is also very simple,Hung up。
After a while, Xiang Chen’s phone rang again,Press answer key,Zhu Ziqing’s voice came from Xiang Chen’s cell phone。
“Brother,You are really chic!Can’t I serve it?!”
&n0752w.bsp;On the phone,Zhu Ziqing complained of bitter streak。
Xiang Chen’s finger on the on-hook button is also removed,not talking,Quietly waiting for what Zhu Ziqing wants to say。
“We are already sampling the medicine,Similar to a fortifier,But a little different,If it is spread in the military,Don’t think it’s weird,But this time it was found inside a private drug gang,Can you tell me anything else??”
Zhu Ziqing’s voice is a little expectant,But Xiang Chen’s answer is destined to be a basin of cold water。
“I can find,I told you that little assistant,You don’t have to bother me anymore!This is a coincidence,If I knew they were vendorsiDrug group,I won’t provoke them!”Xiang Chen said impatiently。