Lin Yuner no longer cares about Liu Chunlan,Just keep looking outside,Looking forward to the ambulance coming soon。

Lin Yoona is in a mess right now,Originally, it was a very happy thing for my father to come back from the field.,But because of Liu Chunlan’s reluctance,So that dad suffered such a big crime。
Looking at Lin Feng who was uncomfortable lying on the ground,Lin Yoona’s expression became more anxious。
Liu Chunlan also scolded:“If it weren’t for you, you just stopped us from calling an ambulance,I guess the ambulance has arrived long ago,let me tell you,If Yoona’s father has three long and two short,I will never let you go。”
Lin Yuner saw that Liu Chunlan was starting to curse again,Shouted angrily:“mom,Don’t say any more, okay,What’s dad?,Do you still look like this here?”
Liu Chunlan stopped talking now,But he glared at Xiao Fan with his eyes。
at this time,The sound of the ambulance comes from far and near。
Liu Chunlan said excitedly:“Great,finally come。”
Soon,Medical staff came in,They put Lin Feng on the stretcher,Carried to the ambulance together。
A nurse said:“Family members come along!”
So the three of them went to the hospital with the ambulance。
Arrived at the hospital,Everyone pushed Lin Feng to the emergency room quickly,After arriving,There are already doctors waiting there。
After the bed stops,The doctor quickly checked Lin Feng up and down。