Ding Kelan was in the office with a few vice presidents in a regular meeting。after an hour,End of regular meeting。

In the process of waiting for it to disperse,Tian Lu started thinking wildly,Maybe it was too much,Can’t say it was Ke Lan’s words to himself yesterday on a whim, right?。
“Tian Lu,I heard you are resigning?”It’s Zhan Xinyue, Chief Secretary of the Administration Department,She may not know the truth,But the first to get the news of resignation,Came over and asked。
“No、No,what?Yes Yes。”Tian Lu’s weak aura’s response。
Zhan Xinyue looked at Tian Lu with contempt。Tian Lu avoids her unkind look。Rarely came to Banjef in the Administration Department,Said:“Tian Lu,Come to my office。”
Tian Lu followed Benjaf to the office somehow。
Behind the heart-hit bear holding his arms,Continue to look at the back of Tian Lu leaving with Benjaf in doubt,Thought:This early in the morning,What are they selling“medicine”?
Banjeff Office。Benjaf says:“Nowadaysakyearrangement,Said you are resigning,As for the reason,I can’t ask more,Both you have this idea,Since the president personally explained,It’s hard to ask and stay。I have signed your resignation letter,Wait a minute,I let Zhan Xinyue arrange someone to connect with you。”
Tian Lu left the door of Benjaf’s office after giving a response.。
she thinks,I didn’t write the resignation letter,Ke Lan turned out to be so resolute、The talker,Let her react too late,Be inexplicably“resignation”。
Tian Lu returned to her seat thoughtfully,Not yet seated,Zhan Xinyue brought the finance officer here,Let Tian Lu finish this month’s salary and bonus,Sign the form,Said it was arranged by the leader,The money will be credited to the bank card later。
Then Tian Lu received a call from Ding Kelan himself。All this is like premeditated。
How does he know my mobile number?Also,Dignified, what else can a president not know,Isn’t it on the employee contact form?。Tian Lu thought。
“Come to my office。”Ding Kelan called an ordinary employee in the company,Condescend,Let ordinary people have a sense of pride and honor。
After Tian Lu came to Ding Kelan’s office,The door closes automatically,“Have all the resignation procedures been completed??”Ding Kelan asked。
“Ok。”Well, the answer is over,Needless to say,Free Ding Kelan guessed。
Ding Kelan stood up,Approach Tian Lu,Said:“Go to a place with me in an hour。”