“Ha ha,You don’t know what you say,Does that make us a little sad?”

Huang Junjie said with an injured appearance,But his heart really hurts。
The feeling at this moment is that there is no way to tell。
Qin Feng was also relieved,Fortunately, neither of them has changed their taste,He also said helplessly:“Actually,I can’t help it,I only have one ginseng。”
“Yes,Only one ginseng。”
Both of them muttered to themselves,But what are you thinking about,That only they know。
“All right,Don’t talk about those too many,Let’s study it first,How can i open the market,We have mastered the land of the village,Those special things will be kept for a certain period of time。”
Qin Feng was also very euphemistic,But both people understand,This is Qin Feng’s guarantee。
This is a good thing,At least you can make money stably。
You know, there are many people around who want food from Qingshui Village。
It’s just that everyone is not clear,What’s the situation with the food in this village?,No one dares to gamble so much。
Now Qin Feng has given such a guarantee,They have naturally started gearing up,Ready to do something。
Although Qin Feng never gave any hints,But both of them have already prepared a lot of things,To wait for Qin Feng’s signal。