To know,Small Town in 1998,There are no Nike and Adi stores at all,Not to mention seeing this new shoe。

Lu Menglin and their feet are all wearing white pull back,It’s even worse like Wang Shaoxiao,He wears his old man’s brown and yellow big-toed shoes,Looks like a Japanese devils,It’s totally incomparable with others。
The second boy who got in wore a baggy vest,Big shorts,The clothes have no obvious characteristics,Is that body of tendon meat,It’s really eye-catching。
This man has thick eyebrows and big eyes,Although not as heroic as the first person in sportswear,,But also has good features,And the body shape is obviously exercised,No more than the sports students in No. 1。
If these two strange boys show up,If people in the arcade will pay attention,Then the last person who came in with them,But it caught everyone’s attention in an instant。
Because she is a girl,And it’s still a very good looking,And very temperamental girl。
The game hall is a mixed place,Few girls come in,Not to mention such a beautiful girl with temperament。
That’s why this girl just stepped into the threshold,The entire game hall suddenly became completely quiet for a while。
Even the boss Liu Yi with half a cigarette,I can’t help putting out the cigarette butts。
Lu Menglin also saw this girl,Can’t help being a little surprised。
He can’t remember where he met this girl,Because if he has seen,It’s impossible to be unimpressed with such a beautiful girl。
She has a beautiful black shawl hair,It’s better than the hair quality in the shampoo ads of later generations.,With a small cap on his head,Deliberately lower the brim,Covered half of my face。
but,How can the true peerless appearance be concealed,Like happy happiness,Shining on everyone present。
Her facial features may not stand out separately,But get together,But there is an extremely perfect sense of coordination,I can’t help but think of the word beauty like jade。
And her gestures,There is another kind of heroic beauty between a smile and a smile,Let this beauty add some unusual and unique qualities。
Girls like this,Dress up or something,It doesn’t matter to her anymore,No matter what she wears,Can’t hide the youthful and bright breath,Fascinating。
Lu Menglin can almost conclude,This girl must be from a big city,She has an extravagance that does not belong to the small town,This is also a peculiar charm that cannot be nurtured by the soil and water in a small place。
“Haro,You have hung up,Can i play a game?”No one in the game hall expected,This beautiful girl,The first sentence of the opening actually talked about the game。