Fighting spirit,The supreme glory from the warrior,This is the value of their existence。
Fortress Wall,Rows of warriors in red armor watch nervously,This is the fifth wave of shock in ten days,They are tired but dare not stop。
And in the most central position,Is the high-level of Jiancheng City,All the elders I saw before looked down with heavy faces。
Zhu Wushuang and the other two asked that the state of the elders of the gods is very bad,These two days they took turns to accept the challenge,If it weren’t for the strong sword and strong support,I’m afraid I would have fallen long ago。
“father,Let me go,I wanted to clean up this group of bitches,Made,A group of traitors,I didn’t even know I was a gunman。”
Zhu Chengcai just asked me,So I was quit by Zhu Wushuang,He is ready to give his life,How can I let them wish their home in the end?。
“No but,To prevent our descendants from evacuating to Zhujian Mountain,I blew up the secret tunnel after I left。”
Zhu Wushuang’s intention is clear,He wants to fight to death。
Want to take their sword city,Why do you have to make those guys jump off a few teeth。
“Do not,father,I dont go!”
“presumptuous,It’s not your turn to speak here。”
Zhu Wushuang scolded,Temporarily seal the aura in Zhu Chengcai,Then let the fighters take it down,And take him out of the sword city,Never come back。