Xia Chenglong has said it can start,Dan Qiusheng will no longer be polite。

The white mist on the surface of Zhonghu Lake began to dissipate,To be precise, it’s toward the six mountains,Here will be a different style。
Or die,Either alive。
The 514th chapter has nothing to do
This sword is really different,One long and one short,One firm and one soft,Cold and fierce,Every sword has its unique artistic conception,Turn into six veins,Rampant and Heaven and Earth。
The six rays of sunlight become Jianhe under Dan Qiusheng’s mind,Like a surging river,Can swallow the world’s Wanchuan forests and mountains。
This is probably the pinnacle of entering the Holy Land,Dan Qiusheng has developed his power to the extreme,He didn’t use the cage,It comes from trust in one’s own sword skills。
It’s impossible for Xia Chenglong to resist these swords,Does he have such a powerful ability,But no one rules,Fight must be head-on。
The white mist on the water disappears,Faintly revealing its original appearance,Zhonghu Lake with a diameter of 100 meters is clear,The scenery reflected above the water。
Between Yin and Yang,There is always magic,The reversal is only in the blink of an eye。
Under the lake is the lake,On the lake is also under the lake。
The six sword rivers are coming towards Xia Chenglong with a majestic aura,Dan Qiusheng slowly opened the distance,Because from now onkStart,This lake will be submerged by countless flying swords。
Every flying sword can easily kill a warrior in the supernatural realm,Even entering the Holy Land will be seriously injured。
Xia Chenglong will definitely die,This is the answer sheet he will give to those people。
Sword river falls,Cover the entire lake in the next moment,Attacks of this density can’t even erupt in the lake,Just wait for these swords to disappear,All this will end。
This is a world that doesn’t exist,The reason why Xia Chenglong exists here,Is because of the dream。
He could feel the Jianhe from above his head dashing desperately,So Jianhe from the water is also desperately resisting。
Same rigidity and softness,One long and one short,Cold and fierce,So this battle will continue,It will not end without the intervention of external forces。