Adding fiber to the drink, also said that it can lose weight?


Adding fiber to the drink, also said that it can lose weight?

I believe that many “carbonated beverage powders” know that the figure is called “health” Sprite with the expected fiber, and of course there are Coke versions.

Curious friends always ask: Isn’t it possible to add cellulose to this drink?

Wouldn’t it be chewed like celery?

Today, I will answer you: of course not!

Because supplemental fibers are not all solid and solid, people are divided into soluble and insoluble: insoluble supplemental fiber will be chewed like the vegetables we eat, the coarse grains, not easy to be soft, fluffyFeces, a good hand to relieve constipation; soluble supplemental fiber is a “all-powerful king” – supplementing water at the same time, improving liquid viscosity (using thickeners in the food industry), and absorbing water to swell and block the absorption of some substances.Some foods contain harmful substances, toxins, traces, cholesterol and some protein substances, so our dietitians will tell high blood fat, high blood sugar and obesity friends: eat more fiber-consuming food!

The scientific name of the additive fiber added in cola and sprite is called[resistant dextrin], which is also a kind of absorbable fiber, which has better solubility, stable newness and first-class.

The reason why it is called resistant starch, the word “resistance” means[anti-digestive], that is, it can not be absorbed and absorbed, so there is no transformation, and it passes through the intestines, so it may be decomposed and utilized by the replacement bacteria, thus causing fiber food.It is beneficial to improve the internal environment and promote the proliferation of probiotics. Dextrin is the growth product of starch. It is composed of several to dozens of glucose hands-on connections, usually from green bananas, raw potatoes, whole grains, and parts.Grinded seeds, beans and other natural foods are extracted.

Since the resistant dextrin is so good, can we safely drink this “health” drink?

Not also!

First of all, carbonated drinks are extremely harmful to the teeth!

It is best to drink with a straw, and it is best to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after drinking. Secondly, although this drink does not contain sugar, it is replaced by non-nutritive sweeteners, but after all, it does not have other nutrients like fruits, vegetables and milk.Therefore, if you drink too much, it will not cause excessive rejection of the human body. Instead, it may keep us away from the plain and tasteless health drink – boiled water and light tea water. Finally, a bottle of sweet water with added fiber is more than a bag of nutrient-rich milk.Expensive, can you accept this price?

Anyway, I have opinions!

Potatoes are big resistant starches, and they are inexpensive!

Comrades are resistant to dextrin, which is a natural ingredient in food. There are many potatoes we eat, not to mention dozens of stacked fibers in coarse grains, potatoes, vegetables, and algae. Why should we put them in bottled carbonate?On the drink?

Of course, if you just lick this, buy it is still more alkaline than the regular version of carbonated drinks with sugar!