Chen Xiu doesn’t know how particular blue jade flowers are,I carefully pruned the sapphire flowers into the backpack,Looking down,Fifteen from the pool、Six meters。

“Sapphire flowers grow in such a high place,How was the giant elephant picked?”
Think again,The height of the giant elephant is more than ten meters tall,Add 15 to the nose、Six meters is still short for it。
“I am using a dwarf to worry about the height of Yao Ming’s height can dunk!”
Chen Xiu jumped off the rock,Reach out when you fall near the soft sword,Continue to jump down,Stepping on the branches of the pond, he jumped across the pond again。
Just fall to the ground,Suddenly two sharp breaking winds hit the left and right。
Chen Xiu yelled,Pull out the soft sword at the waist,Strike out Promise Slash,Immediately turned into a breeze in the sky,Right in front of him。
A sound of weapon attack,Hitting the sword net under Chen Xiubu,Knocked Chen Xiu back。Don’t Chen Xiu’s sharp knife,But also successfully blocked all the attacks from the sneak attack。
“It’s you!”
“It’s you!”
Chen Xiu and the other person spoke in unison。
The people who attacked Chen Xiu were Liu Yibai and Li Tianzhang who had gone after the giant elephant before.。
Chen Xiu accidentally came back;Liu Yibai was even more surprised how he also met Chen Xiu in Shennongjia。
Li Tianzhang just fought Chen Xiu,I have found that Chen Xiu’s cultivation is still above Liu Yibai,Can’t help but frown,Asked in a bad tone:“Liu Shao,You know this person?”