“Anyone who joins Jagged Blade becomes a full member,This is not your best choice。”

“Because in the iron and blood knife,Full membership status……”
Flying Wolf did not continue to speak,But keep silent。
“Ok,I still want to talk about this kind of thing,There are three kinds of members。”
“Reserve member,Full member,Elite members。”
“Most people only know that when the iron and blood blade is added,Only one place is a full member,The others are reserve members。”
“but,They don’t know,There is a way to get elite members。”
Thor said here,Then look towards Flying Wolf。
“Just say it,Grinning,”Flying wolf can’t bear his words so inky。
“Cough,As long as you join a team,Then I complete a mission on behalf of this team,That’s it。”
Thor speaks bluntly,He didn’t continue to say the following。
Qin Hao’s eyes lit up,Elite members he understands,Only a little lower than the captain and deputy captain of this team。
On this identity,Elite members are the mainstay of a team。
Besides,It is difficult to promote the member level of Jagged Blade,Generally, you need to have at least two first-class merits to advance。
First class,It takes a lot of contribution to get。
“but,The difficulty of this task may not be that simple?”
Qin Hao is not a fool,Naturally understand that this cheap is not so easy to take。
“90% death rate,”Flying wolf said at this moment。