“I can go anytime,but,I still leave a bag here。”

“Let it go,No permission from Li and I,No one will come in。”
Bamboo basket hanging on the chest,Back up the cylinder,Thought for a while,Take out the black blade and pin it on your waist,Turn around:“I can go。”
While he was preparing,Ning Bei Zhi and Li Dachuan also carried big bags,One person is still carrying an engineer shovel。Gan Yifan couldn’t help but feel strange,To say that they observe the ding,No need to backpack,No need to bring an engineer shovel,Could it be……
“You want to go down the abyss with me?”
“Of course going,How can you risk it alone。”Ningbei Zhidao taken for granted。
“But you can’t go down,Don’t ask me to save you again。”
Li Dachuan, who has never spoken, hummed softly:“No need,We can go down。”
“This kid really can’t speak……”Ning Beizhi feels depressed,Say:“It depends,If you can’t get down,We stay where we are waiting for you,Won’t burden you。”
then,Three people in the water。
Came to Yutai again,The stay is not long,Ning Beizhi confirmed that all the dragon heads embedded in the tripod body had liquid dripping into the tripod,And motioned for the two to descend。
Enter the water cave,Three slightly adjusted,Continue down。