This is not a bicycle to a motorcycle,It’s a chance for a real crow to become a phoenix。

Green Bull’s eyes are still calm,Didn’t say a word,The devil fruit that went straight ahead。
Green Bull is not fast,But because the distance is not far,So Green Bull easily approached the Devil Fruit。
Just when the green bull approached,The whole body trembled suddenly。
The fruit also moved!
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First150chapter Giant tail(5/10)
Hancock and Leo both stepped back slightly。
Hancock did not expect that Leo was actually looking for fruit for this manatee,Somewhat surprised。
“This fruit is very strong,You are not afraid of this manatee?”
Leo looked at Green Bull and shook his head:“Green Bull has its own chance,And what have you seen devil fruits that can hurt others?”
Although this world belongs to the Gaowu world,But Gao Wu is not fantasy after all,Devil fruit is fruit,No harm creatures。