Wait a minute,Soon you will know。”

Lu Hao Cheng took out the phone,I sent a WeChat to Blue Xin。
Wife,Are you home yet?
Blue Xin quickly returned to him:Lu Hao Cheng,You check my trail.。
I will see my aunt.,Late back late,You go back early,Look at the children to do homework。
Lu Hao Cheng,The eye is slightly and deep,Blue to see Li Yina。
Blue,Xiao Jun said,Home homework is not worried,He will be finished with your brother sister.,Our sons and daughters are very sensible.。
Blue Xin:Lu Hao Cheng,Your heart can be big,However, there is absolutely no surface on the surface.,As long as I am not at home,Mother doesn’t leave God,He will definitely do bad things。
Lu Hao Cheng:Wife,I will call them to do homework.。
Blue Xin:I am going to my aunt.,have got to go,Go back and say。
Lu Hao Cheng,A face is unhappy。
Ou Jing is glanced at him.,“I will tell you after the blue blue.。”
Lu Haozheng counterattable loudly:“Why?”
European, slight eyebrows,Gaze:“Because you are too sticky。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”“I stick my wife,Not sticky you。”
European:“Do you mean to stick me??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“I don’t care about you.,I am who i am,Can’t let others let one fart,I have to pick it up.。”
Ou Jingyi looked disgusted him:“When did you become so vulgar??”
Lu Haozheng glared at him:“When you are with you,I have always been so vulgar,I have a long phase of men and women.,I am afraid that you fall in love with me.。”
European:“”His mouth can’t help but twitch three times,“You really dare to say,Vanity,You have to have a strength to pay,Otherwise, that is, the death of the face is alive.。”
Lu Haocheng smiled:“I bought it。
First class can be prioritized,Bank cards can be queued,The most expensive position of the concert is also the best,This is the special。”
Lu Haocheng said that this time is very incomparable。
This person?
Be sure to think about how to get rich when you are fine.,Don’t always be in the world of the spring,Holding money in hand,Always compare the hearts of those who can’t catch up。
European:“With your unborn face with you,I’d better learn more than you.,Can you endure your face?。”
“hehe”Lu Haocheng laughed,“European,Your mouth is getting more and more poisonous.,So long with you so long,I have been infected by you.。”
European:“I am blindplace.,The character is in the eyes ,Lifestyle displayed on clothes,Emotional fluctuation,People can look at,Just you don’t know.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Why don’t I know??
People are the same,Can’t recognize your own problems,Still pillow a mouth like to teach。”