And the superior fusion divine power that the deity can mobilize,Closer to the main power—Slightly weaker breath,But really use it,The effect of the fusion divine power is similar to the main divine power that cannot be used to fully exert its power。

“It’s a pity that it’s still far from the deity’s physical strength!”Wright shook his head。
“Morton,How is the matter I want you to check??”
“Lord Wright,The city owner of the Edric family had been hiding in the city.,But three months ago,He often travels out of town。”
“Those eight big families really treat me as a fool。”Wright rolled his eyes,“Keep avoiding me,Out of town this half year。。。If you guessed it right,The eight powerhouses should have sent people out to besiege me。”
“I just don’t know which patriarch came to die!”A trace of murder flashed in Wright’s eyes。The minds of these eight families,He can guess how much,What’s more, Morton, the dark high-ranking god next to him, can be regarded as an expert specializing in psychology.—Psychologists in the dark。
Wright had long suspected that the other party had the heart to besie him,Put yourself and see,I am a hidden danger to the other party。。。But this hidden danger is too big,Wright alone is worthy of any single family of the Four Beasts,Even stronger—This is just his superficial strength。
With this point of view,Chetton of the City Lord·Edric’s unusual behavior can explain a lot of problems。Nothing more than fishing。
But the angler is not very clear,Throw this bait,It may not be a small fish,Maybe it will be Wu Kun。Qinglong can swallow the angler in one bite,A monster who is dissatisfied with his teeth。
“It’s a pity that they came to die like this~Thank you for these four mythical beast families。”Wright did not intend to make his own land(flame)God clone to resist。
Earth Vulcan Clone,After all, there are three kinds of fusion,Even if it is extremely good at material aspects,That is with Moss、Pauline is only one step away from the equidistant Dzogchen。
Fusion power is very strong—But the opponent uses the power of God,Not only do I have no advantage,On the contrary, it is inferior to the opponent in the degree of the main divine power。
So he is also waiting。
Waiting for the arrival of my deity。
The deity in the Magnolia continent comprehends the fusion of basic elements,Fusion of divine power and strange things,Increased their physical strength。
Wright’s physical strength is far above the level of the upper artifact—Of course it’s still one level behind strictly speaking。Even so,The terrible explosion given by this powerful body,That is pure material power that can be several times higher than the main divine power。