Sizzle,Li Tianchou sucked his breath and shook his head repeatedly,It’s incredible,This long-lost nightmare came back suddenly without saying hello?!What about the companion soul?where is it?

Li Tianzhen suddenly held his head,Trying to search for all traces that have been related to it in my mind,Even the nightmare I had a long time ago,And several times against Zhang Zhiqiang in Fukuyama,Lin Lin Zong,Mess,But no gain。
“are you OK?No matter where you are,I haven’t forgotten my promise to you,rest assured。”Li Tianchou meditated in his heart,It took a while to return to normal。
And Hu Dehai in front of him is already sweating profusely,I don’t know how Li Tianzhen was suddenly stimulated,Or maybe the injury caused my brain,Anyway very upset,Once this person falls,Then returning home smoothly becomes a luxury。
“Sorry,Just remembered something。”Li Tianchou wry smile,“I feel the atmosphere around the cabin is wrong,I have stayed here twice,Very short time lapse,But now it’s so bad suddenly。”
Hu Dehai nodded in agreement,As a senior agent,Often wandering on the edge of danger,The sixth sense is very important,Often save lives in times of crisis,So I never think Li Tianchou is joking。
“such,I went around to see the situation,Lao Hu, you do the answer,There is something wrong,Shoot immediately,No matter what,Don’t be soft。”Talking,Li Tianchou took a deep look at his white coat,The attitude of the other party is very cooperative,Meixiao first,Then he squatted back consciously,Then kneel on the ground with his head in both hands,Old high。
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Xu Wen is missing
His grandma’s,Hu Dehai can’t laugh or cry,I can’t wait to kick my feet hard on it,But one careless,Li Tianchou swished out of the grass nest,Fast,Under the shaking of vegetation,Can barely see。
Hu Dehai grew up with a mouth,Unbelievable,Is this Li Tianzhi who was dying just now??Why are you alive all at once??He doesn’t know the secret of the other party’s body,Naturally surprised and about to worship,Don’t know,entire‘Ranger’Even Wu Fang and Xu Wen only know a little。
This was the first time he saw Li Tianchou doing his best,There is such a speed under injury,At least Xu Wen, whom he knows well, is far from having such explosive power and erratic body skills.。
Li Tianchou quickly stuck to the edge of the cliff,Approach the target sideways,When the nearest cottage is less than 20 meters away,He stopped and made a gesture to Ho Dehai。
Old Hu nodded repeatedly,His eyes immediately became serious,Pistol open insurance,All attention is focused on the three cabins。
Li Tianchou moved a few meters forward,Suddenly launched a charge towards the cabin,Two feet like a windmill,A desperate posture,In the stunned Hoodhai, like a cannonball,Crashed into the hut with a bang。
Dusty Room,The broken door of the hut was completely broken,Then came several beatings and humming,Then silently。I rely on!This is like a weapon,Never seen such a desperate play,Still a sneak attack without a stroke,Lao Hu really opened his eyes。
suddenly“呯呯呯”Continuous gunshots,From two other cottages,Suddenly hit the thatched house where Li Tianchou was in smoke、Sawdust weeds flying across。