Han Shanshan is holding a bamboo pole,The body just walked to the door was also suddenly stopped.,Turning and seeing Li Hui。

The color of the eyes,Look, Li Hui rushed to ask for mercy。
“willing,willing,How can I not want?,I just tell you the truth.,Of course, let’s catch up.,I am in the way into your bucket.,Don’t you solve the problem??”
“Humph,Also do you know,Let it go,Your front line。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Han Shanshan’s mood is also a lot.。
Li Hui Fengguan,It is also directly launched a motorcycle.,Put the flashlight into the pocket in the pocket。
Then one foot open motorcycle,Han Shanshan on the bus。
“Let it go,Let’s go to the mountain tonight.,There are many in the poplar forest there.。”
“Forehead,I have a bamboo pole to sit on your motorcycle. Some are not good.!”
Seeing Han Shanshan is a bit awkward,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Then I don’t have to take it.,After a while,I will give you a wooden stick.。”
Han Shanshan listened to this,Put the bamboo pole directly in the door,Then just follow the stadium.。
And Li Hui is also the clutch of the direct hand.,The accelerator has taken out。
Outstanding moment,Scared Han Shanshan’s ability to hold Li Hui。
It’s good to be in the small barrel.,Otherwise, all the whole pants。
Li Hui Feng also squeezed with the softness behind him.。
But he didn’t want to think more.,Depart from the destination。
But Han Shanshan feels that Li Hui’s strong back,As the same feelings like granite,Let her full of security。
Think of Chen Beiji,Although Chen North is nothing to do.,Even my old man said that the probability is the reason why Li Hui Feng,Her heart is not more grateful to Li Hui。
Slowly, she also passes her face behind Li Hui’s back.。
A beautiful pretty face is also popular。
Fortunately, Li Hui is not seen.,Otherwise 100% will ridicule。
“Little plum,What if you say that this time we go to buy a production line??”
Why do you ask this??
You are still dangerous.?”
Li Hui is a little surprised。
Chapter 111 Ate
“No,I just asked this.。”
“Hey-hey,Do not worry,What is dangerous?,Even if it is really dangerous,I will also protect you safe。”
Li Hui said that this time is very calm.,But the calm tone is a different feeling of Han Shanshan.。
A kind of feeling that Li Hui Feng This is completely self-hearted,I can even feel the same as she doesn’t hesitate to spell.。
Feeling the power of the pair of my own, I have a big power.,Li Hui Feng feels some inexplicable。
But he is very enjoyable.。
After all, Han Shanshan used to school in school.,Although there is a title of a female devil,But still can’t stop so many people like to pursue。
It is good to protect the other party directly in Han Shanshan.。
“Hey-hey,Big squad leader,You should be like this.,I belong to the one who earns a cheap。”