The nine is also speaking.。

“Hey-hey,Mountain,You should also get your little brother.,do not worry,The instructors will not harm our。”
Dashan heard this words。
“Instructor,This is not very good.?
That is my brother,I am not a little bully.?”
“Let you go up,Don’t think I don’t know if you have lost this brother for three consecutive years.。”
This exit,The tower tower on the ring is also open directly.。
“Brother,Go up.!This year is still,You have not escaped。”
The first thousand and fifteenth chapter is strong
Sure enough, I heard this,Dashan is also a bit helpless。
“Li Teacher,Let’s talk about it first.,If I lose, you can’t blame me.。”
“Um,Do not worry,You can’t lose,You can’t lose if you don’t put it.。”
Look at Li Hui, so confident,Dashan is also directly gone.。
Go on a field,The two are the first to make a boxing ceremony.,Then pull away the distance。
“Brother,I will lose this year.,That is really not married, the teacher didn’t put it.,I have put water in the past.,You can’t win,I have no way。”
The other party is not saying this.,Say this,The mountain is also angry。
“A set of less than this fake,Watch your big waist,Coatings,Have the ability to use full。”
I heard Zheng Dashan said that he is a mother.,Tower is also anger。
“it is good,See who is the mother。”
Say,Tower directly initiated offense。
The format is an eight-pointer。
See this potential,Dashan does not dare to be a small。
I immediately chose hard to hard,If this eight pole collapses him dodge,So tightly follow the convenience of Tie Mountain,The other side of the Tie Mountain is also hard to rely on him.。
It is very likely that the other side directly fell out of the venue.,That kind of shame, he is also afraid.。
Peng Yisheng’s dull voice。
Dashan feels fist,Soon, it will recover。
The tower is directly retired.,Unbelievable look at each other。
Why didn’t he expect to return the lead?。
Dashan also saw the shocked look of the brother.,Immediately understand that Li Failure to give them a bubble is really,They are also really stronger.。
Just this kind of strong, they don’t feel it.。
“Come back。”
Tower is some don’t believe,Directly use the 八 极 当 当。